CES 2019: LG, Qualcomm Reassure To Make 5G A Physical Reality In 2019


CES 2019: LG, Qualcomm Reassure To Make 5G A Physical Reality In 2019

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

In what could be termed as good news to consumer technology loyalists, 5G is all set to become a physical reality in 2019, courtesy LG and Qualcomm. Both the companies have reiterated their commitment towards making the next-gen networking standards a reality this year. This means that we could potentially witness new consumer technology products such as smartphones that are 5G-enabled from LG that are driven by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 5G-compatible SoC.

Hence, LG loyalists could realistically anticipate the arrival of one of the world’s initial 5G-enabled consumer electronics products powered by Qualcomm; built and branded by LG. As far as capabilities are concerned, consumers can expect comparatively faster internet speeds by virtue of 5G. With enhanced speed naturally comes aspects such as better connectivity and enabling of a whole new set of “smart” processes and procedures that could make life better and positive.

Here, it is worth noting that 5G is a key element in many of next-gen aspects such as smart cities, in technology-driven healthcare, in retail, and more. Also, it is worth noting that the next-gen networking standard has also already been in pilot phase in multiple countries of the world including the US where AT&T has begun trial runs of both software and hardware related to 5G. Now, researchers working on 5G undoubtedly get a boost with both LG and Qualcomm reassuring that 5G would indeed surface on a full-time basis in 2019. Hence, this year holds immense potential for a digital revolution with connectivity being the key.

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