CES 2019: LG ThinQ Smart AI To Suggest Actions, In Addition To Carry Out Tasks

Written By Tech Desk | Mumbai | Published:

After kicking off the CES 2019 by announcing its commitment to make 5G a reality in 2019, along with Qualcomm, LG has taken the stage to showcase how its smart assistant called the ThinQ can integrate deeply with products in order to make these smarter. These devices include the likes of smartphones, TVs, and even home appliances which can be made to “think” through ThinQ.

Now, ThinQ is also an element within LG’s 88-inch OLED TV that offers support for 8K resolution. LG, at the CES 2019, stated that it would soon launch devices with ThinQ deeply integrated within so as to offer users a smart experience. Now, this announcement potentially indicates that consumer hardware irrespective of whether it is a smartphone, TVs, or home appliances, smart assistants driving these are the way forward. In summary, future hardware driven by smart digital assistants (such as the LG ThinQ) is seemingly the future.

It is also worth noting that LG’s ThinQ is now updated to suggest newer actions. When integrated, the underlying AI assistant could enable other connected devices understand when users resort to carrying out custom operations, and thereby suggest actions so that the entire process (plus others) are carried out in a hassle-free manner and smartly in comparatively lesser time periods. Hence, 2019 could the year in which the smart AI takes over, beginning with LG products.

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