CES 2019: Robot Ping Pong Player Can Also Double Up As Coach To Train Humans To Play


CES 2019: Robot Ping Pong Player can also Double Up As Coach To Train Humans to Play

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

There has been a Ping-Pong (aka ping pong) playing robot showcased at the ongoing CES 2019 that is branded as a tutor to apparently coach humans. This AI-powered robot plays ping pong, and is developed by Omron and is called the Forpheus. Now, this year’s premier electronics show has already dished out a multitude of AI-powered aspects and now the Forpheus ping-pong robot that measures nearly 9 feet in length is the latest addition.

Here, it is worth noting that the Forpheus Learns from humans and coaches humans; how about AI-coaching AI (robot). The robot has cameras incorporated to identify the ball and check the way in which opponents (humans possibly) hit the ball. It has everything robotics-like human systems to complete its body.

It is naturally exciting to play ping pong against a robot, and there is more satisfaction upon humans defeating robotic opponents. At this juncture, wouldn’t it serve an actual purpose if humans were to learn from humans; more than robots (that also learn from humans in turn); and get to show actual physical progress; rather than AI-obsession. AI is undoubtedly good, but while playing ping pong, it is seemingly best if human vs AI is checked-out and indulged in within computer games/video games; rather than physically.

In this regard, do share thoughts/insights on whether you would take the Omron Forpheus home in case the robotic ping pong player is sold commercially.

In related news, there was also a smart toilet that comes with AI-integrated and enhanced sound/lighting systems. The Amazon Alex is incorporated, this means that you could speak to it whenever you are at the toilet. This smart toilet setup is called the Numi 2.0 and offers “features” such as personal cleansing, seat heating, maintaining water efficiency, drying services. This AI-driven assembly has been showcased by Kohler.

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