FireEye New Digital Threat Monitoring Defends Users’ Digital Footprint


FireEye has announced the FireEye Digital Threat Monitoring that is a way for users to keep their digital footprint intact. Check out these tools now.

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FireEye has announced the availability of FireEye Digital Threat Monitoring at the FireEye Cyber Defense Summit – that potentially offers a way for users to keep their digital footprint intact without having to compromise on related aspects. defend their digital footprint across otherwise inaccessible facets of the web. This Digital Threat Monitoring tool implements the automated mechanism wherein content on the dark web is automatically collected and then dynamically analysed. By exposing threats early, organizations could more effectively identify breaches, exposures, and digital threats before they escalate – without adding operational complexity for the current security team. 

“No one has time to search the dark web all day for new updates, said a Lead Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst at a Fortune 500 Hospitality company. “FireEye Digital Threat Monitoring is useful for any team, especially smaller ones, to cover tons of ground in a limited amount of time. Rather than manually searching for threats across a bunch of forums, marketplaces, and social networks, the Digital Threat Monitoring portal alerts us to any malicious online chatter in real-time. Our network security is highly proactive as a result.” 

“FireEye has a long track record of providing threat intelligence to organizations and governments that view threat intelligence as a critical capability. In fact, the depth and breadth of our collection sources means that FireEye holds the most mature underground monitoring capabilities in the business. This is critically important for organizations looking to take ownership of these once inaccessible facets of the internet,” said Sandra Joyce, SVP of Global Intelligence at FireEye. 

Digital Threat Monitoring Service Options with Simplified Risk Visualizations 

Digital Threat Monitoring is provided in varied ways, based on the monitoring timeframe and the level of analyst support needed. These include access to an Alerts Dashboard within the FireEye Intelligence Portal where next-level alert visualizations and situational awareness could be viewed. These FireEye Digital Threat Monitoring service tools include the likes of the below. Apart from accessing the Digital Threat Monitoring tools as a stand-alone service, Expertise On-Demand customers also have the liberty to access additional Digital Threat Assessments and the investigation of Digital Threat Monitoring alerts in exchange for prepaid units.  

  • Digital Threat Assessment: This is a standalone one-time assessment carried out over a 30 day period. This is carried out using customer-selected keyword queries. At the end of this timeframe, FireEye engineers would offer reports with insights and analysis with respect to the identified threats. In summary, this would be a dynamic offering. 
  • Digital Threat Monitoring: This works on a subscription-based model offering continuous monitoring and alerting to keyword queries offered by users.  
  • Advanced Digital Threat Monitoring:  This Builds on the above offering by including forty annual investigations performed by FireEye intelligence analysts. 
  • · Digital Threat Monitoring Enterprise: Builds on the Advanced service by doubling the number of FireEye intelligence-led investigations for a total of 80 annually. 

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