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Google Pixel 6 Event Highlights: Pixel 6 And Pixel 6 Pro Launched; Check Specs & Prices

Google launched Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro at the Pixel Fall Launch event on Tuesday, October 19. Check out all the features and specs of the products here.



Google launched Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro at the Pixel Fall Launch event on Tuesday, October 19. Check out all the features and specs of the products here.
23:26 IST, October 19th 2021
Tensor Chipset: Speech and call features

The Google custom-made Tensor Chipset offers an advanced speech recognition model. According to VP Product Management Brian Rakowski, ''Pixel 6 has an on-device speech recognition model that can transcribe speech with incredible accuracy. And thanks to Tensor, it does it using half as much power as previously possible.”

It also comes with 3 times faster voice typing, helpful call features, most advanced speech recognition model with the ability to translate video, photos and texts in real-time. 


23:14 IST, October 19th 2021
Sundar Pichai on Pixel series

Chief Executive Officer of Alphabet Sundar Pichai took to his Twitter to express his excitement to have users try out the newly launched smartphones. 


23:10 IST, October 19th 2021
Pixel series camera features

In a major development, the first Pixel smartphones to come with three cameras have added game-changing features to their cameras. Along with the Magic Eraser to remove unwanted things from the pictures, the features also include Rela Tone, Motion Mode, Face Unblur, Super Res Zoom, and more. 

23:00 IST, October 19th 2021
Brian Rakowski on Pixel series camera

VP Product management Brian Rakowski talked about Google Pixel series Camera. He also introduced the Magic Eraser feature.

''Pixel 6 is leagues ahead of our previous Pixel Cameras, from the hardware, to the software, to the computational photography.”


22:55 IST, October 19th 2021
Titan M2 Chip

Google introduced the Titan M2 chip in the Pixel series offering five years of security updates.

22:53 IST, October 19th 2021
Google Tensor chip

Rick Osterloh talks about the custom made Tensor Chip coming with the Pixel series. 

“Google Tensor is the biggest mobile hardware innovation in the history of the company. It’s the culmination of years of investment in AI, and Google’s deep experience in silicon.”

Loaded with octa-core CPUs and a 20-core GPU, the Tensor chip aims to optimise in-house apps and increase CPU performance by 80X. With the help of the new custom chip, users can apply computational photography to video on the Pixel 6 series thought the algorithm developed by Google called HDRNet.

22:48 IST, October 19th 2021
Sabrina Ellis on Android 12 on Pixel 6

“Android 12 looks especially stunning on Pixel 6. We designed it using our years of mobile OS experience while keeping our own hardware in mind. So Pixel 6 is the best expression of Android.''

She further elaborated on the upgraded security feature of smartphones. 

''Pixel 6 is the most secure Pixel yet. It includes...the next generation Titan M2, which works with Tensor security core to protect your sensitive user data, PINs, and passwords” 


22:45 IST, October 19th 2021
Google Pixel series features

In major developments, Google has debuted their game-changing smartphones with upgraded features to offer a better and faster experience to their users. Pixel 6 Pro comes with a triple camera at the back, 6.7-inch dynamic display (10 to 120 Hz) along with 12GB RAM. 

Image: Google

22:42 IST, October 19th 2021
Pixel 6 Pro price

The Google Pixel Pro will be available at $899 in three new colour variants.

Image: Google

22:40 IST, October 19th 2021
Goole Pixel 6 launched

The highly anticipated Pixel 6 is here. The smartphone will be loaded with Google's custom Tensor chip offering a faster and smoother experience for its users. It is also aimed at improving security and offering improved speech recognition features.

Image: Google

The price starts at $599


22:25 IST, October 19th 2021
Pixel Fall Launch event: Watch here

Watch the Live streaming of the Google Pixel Fall Launch event here-


22:15 IST, October 19th 2021
Google announces pre-order time

Google's flagship event to launch two new smartphones will begin in just a few minutes. Ahead of the event, the tech giant took to its official Twitter account to share an update on the pre-orders of the products. 


22:02 IST, October 19th 2021
Less than half an hour to go

The Google Pixal Fall Launch event is less than half an hour away. Netizens are charged up to witness the tech giant adding two game-changing products to their smartphone rooster. It also remains to be seen if Google releases the hotly rumoured PixelBook laptop and Pixel Fold. 

21:44 IST, October 19th 2021
Netizens excited for Pixel Fall launch event

With less than an hour remaining netizens are excited about the Pixel Fall launch event. Check out how netizens on Twitter are buzzing with excitement-


21:17 IST, October 19th 2021
Music video shot on upcoming Pixel 6

A post shared by Fujii Kaze (@fujiikaze)

Google has collaborated with Japanese artist Kaze Fuji for a music video that was shot on the Pixel 6 smartphone. The 15-second teaser of the song MO-EH-YO released earlier is shot only in black and white. Kaze Fuji also took to his Instagram and announced his collaboration with the tech giant.


21:03 IST, October 19th 2021
What is Google Pixel Pass?

As per Twitter leaks, Google Pixel Pass will be a blend of the iPhone upgrade plan. It is said to be a mobile-oriented monthly subscription. The bundle will include a Pixel phone, which will be updated regularly and will also include YouTube Premium, Google One, Play Pass, extended warranty, and is associated with Google Fi.


20:52 IST, October 19th 2021
Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro orders double from last year

With less than two hours to go for the launch event debuting Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro, a recent report suggests that the tech giant has ordered more than 7 million units of the Pixel 6 series from its suppliers. As per a report by Nikkei Asia, the Alphabet-owned company has doubled its entire phone shipments from last year. 

20:24 IST, October 19th 2021
Google's Tensor chips

Aimed at bringing Google to the forefront of the market, the upcoming smartphones will be the first to feature a custom, Google-made tensor Chip. In a bid to offer the best photos, videos, search, captioning and more to its users, the tensor chip will be centred on the AI-boosting TPU. It is set to be a massive upgrade from the previous Snapdragon 765G chipset that ran in the Pixel 5. 

20:01 IST, October 19th 2021
Google Pixel Series leaks

Google extensively teased the Pixel lineup highlighting the upgraded features namely the Magic Eraser and Live Translate which heavily rely upon the AI capability of the device. Apart from this, the leaks are rife on the internet and here is everything expected from Google in their upcoming smartphones. It was previously revealed by the tech giant that the phones are not going to use any third-party processors like Snapdragon or AMD but will be powered by an in-house processor.

1. Google Pixel 6 

The Pixel 6 is set to be loaded with a 6.4" FHD+ 90 Hz display and will also sport an all-new design with a horizontal camera bar at the back of the phone. According to a popular Youtuber, Brandon Lee’s video, Pixel 6 pice will be set as EUR 649 which is roughly Rs 56,200 and will be available for the US and other markets by October 28. It is also expected to come in Carbon, Fog and light Orange colour option. 

2. Google Pixel 6 Pro

As per leaks surfaced online, Pixel 6 Pro is said to arrive with a 6.7" QHD+ 120 Hz display with support for a 120Hz refresh rate. According to Brandon's video, the Pixel 6 Pro price will be somewhere around EUR 899 which is roughly Rs 77,900. It is also said to come with a triple rear camera setup consisting of an ultra-wide-angle lens, a 4x telephoto lens and a primary wide-angle lens. The Pixel 6 Pro will be offered in silver, gold, and carbon variants.

19:43 IST, October 19th 2021
Pixel Fall Launch: Products expected to launch

After suffering from a plethora of leaks, the Google Pixel Series Launch Event is all set to put a rest to the rumour mill by debuting their highly anticipated smartphones namely Google Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro. With less than three hours to go for the event to start, excited tech geeks put forward their speculations about the upcoming products. It was previously known that the two smartphones will be the first to feature Google's Tensor chips for mobile.

 Google also extensively teased the Pixel lineup highlighting the upgraded features namely the Magic Eraser and Live Translate which heavily rely upon the AI capability of the device. As per several leaks, Google is expected to launch Google Pixel 6, Google Pixel 6 pro, Google Pixel Fold and Google Pixel Watch. Although the two smartphones are a sure thing, it is yet to be seen if the tech giant debuts the remaining two products. 


19:13 IST, October 19th 2021
Pixel Fall Launch 2021 event: How to watch?

Tech giant Google is all set to launch the hotly anticipated Google Pixel 6 Series at the upcoming event called Pixel Fall Launch. Scheduled to be held on October 19, 2021, at 10:30 PM IST, the event is creating a major buzz among the tech geeks despite the constant leaks and speculations of the yet-to-be-launched products. The Alphabet-owned company will be debuting two new smartphones namely Google Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro version at the launch event.

How to watch the Pixel Fall Launch 2021 event?

The Pixel Fall Launch 2021 event is scheduled to start at 10:30 PM IST i.e tonight. The event will be live-streamed on the dedicated page created by Google. Interested users can also watch the LIVE stream on Google's official Youtube page called 'Made by Google'. 


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