Handheld PlayStation Era Ends; Sony CEO Confirms Console Won't Have Any Successors


Handheld PlayStation consoles PSP Vita will not have a successor says Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO. Read here to know more about it

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PlayStation portable was one of the most favourite devices of gamers as it could be used on the go. But now, that legacy is about to end. The last PlayStation portable was PlayStation Vita and it will not be having a successor anytime soon. This comes after Sony confirms that it doesn’t consider itself to be in the business of making handheld gaming consoles any more. Here is why Sony is going to stop making the handy gaming PlayStation consoles.

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Handheld PlayStation consoles see the end of the light:

The president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, spoke to a gaming website where he talked about how technology has transformed over the last 25 years. While talking to them, he also added that there are no plans to develop technology after PlayStation Vita and that there is no future in handheld PlayStation consoles. Jim also spoke about how PlayStation Vita was brilliant in many ways, but the business is something that Sony Interactive Entertainment does not want to be in.

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In 2016, the former CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, Jack Tretton, had spoken to an infotainment website where he talked about how there is no work in that part of the industry and how the time taken to develop the technology will not be worth it. He also added that the world has shifted to portable devices and people aren't buying dedicated gaming machines.

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Now that handheld PlayStation consoles are getting outdated, yet other interactive gaming technologies are getting improvement. PlayStation 5 will be releasing in the holidays of 2020. In recent times, we have also seen the patents of PlayStation 5’s controllers and they look much bulkier than the Dualshock 4 of PlayStation 4. PlayStation 5 will be the fifth generation of the product and will release after 4 years of its predecessor, PlayStation 4 pro.

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