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How Does A Dishwasher Work? Know The 7 Step Process Of Dishwashers

How does a dishwasher work? Know the 7 step process of dishwashers and how they clean utensils automatically. Read on to know mroe details.

how does a dishwasher work


A dishwasher is a machine used for cleaning cutlery utensils and dishware automatically. The dishwasher allows the users to put in dirty dishes in it and with the help of spray arms, detergent and other mechanism, the dishes are cleaned. If you have ever wondered how does a dishwasher work or how does it remove soiling and other things that are usually done manually, then here are details about how does a dishwasher work.

How does a dishwasher work?

Generally, a dishwasher follows a 7 step process.

  • Add Water: The first step includes adding water into the dishwasher. The water fills up in a shallow basin at the bottom or the base of the machine.
  • Heat the Water: The water in the basin of the machine gets heated. This is done with the help of the heating element that is in the basin of the dishwasher.
  • Add detergent: The dishwasher’s computer timer adds the detergent automatically at the right stage of the wash.
  • Wash dishes: The heated water and detergent is then pumped up through the spray arms of the dishwasher. The pressure causes the dishes placed in the machine to spin and shoot out the water with enough force to make sur the utensils get cleaned well.
  • Drain: after the utensils and dishware is washed with detergent, the dishwash machine drains the dirty water.
  • Rinse: Once again the water in the dishwasher is heated in the basin of the machine. This time, no detergent is added as the dishes have been cleaned. But it is essential to wash off the detergent from the dishes, therefore, water is pumped through the spray arms in order to make sure that no residue or detergent is left on the dishes.
  • Drain: the last step involves the draining of the of the water.
  • Dry dishes: Some dishwashers come with a dry dishes feature. This means that a user shall not have to dry or wipe the dishes manually. The dishwashers use an electrical coil that heats the air and then a fan in the machine blows hot air.

Dishwasher in India: which company sells dishwasher in India?

  • There are several companies that manufacture and sell dishwashers in India. Companies like Voltas, Bosch, Faber, IFB, Neptune, Amazon Basics,  LG and Siemens

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