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How To Charge Boat Airdopes? Here's Step-by-step Guide You Must Check Out

In the age of wireless airbuds, boAt is ruling the market with its affordable pricing and alluring features. Read on to know how to charge boAt airdopes.

charge boat airdopes

Although there are many high-end audio companies around the world, boAt has especially created a strong niche in its homeland. With the introduction of Airdopes, boAt's own take on the trending line-up of wireless pods, boAt's sales have gone off the roof. With boAt's modest pricing at only Rs.1,799, it has taken a mighty step as the lead in the earphones and headphones market. Since Wireless Buds are a new concept altogether, the following guide will give you an insight on how to use them and more specifically on how to charge boat airdopes.

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How to charge boat airdopes?

  • Step 1: Once used, place the earbuds back into the charging case in the same orientation as to how it was found.

  • Step 2: If you're a first time user, the easiest way to understand the status of your airdopes is by checking the colour of the three LED lights blinking on it. The orange light on the earbud will indicate that it's being charged.

  • Step 3: When both the buds are charged, the charging case will go off on its own to save power.

  • Step 4: To charge the case, plug one end of the Type-C USB cable that comes with it and connect the other end to any port, such as a computer or a wall adapter.

  • Step 5: The four LED lights as an indicator on the case will blink the following colours to specify the status of the charge. If it blinks a red light, it means your case is in the 0%-35% power. If it turns purple, your case is in the 35%-75% range. Finally, the blue light will represent 75%-100% power. (Disclaimer - The latest model of airdopes may not include this feature. Read Step 6 for its alternate)

  • Step 6: To know if the case has fully charged, simply check the four LED lights embedded on it. If it illuminates white light for 60 seconds before going off, it indicates that the case is fully charged.

Warning - Please do not charge the case with 9V or 12V output as it may damage the case.

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