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  • India dominates at PMSC 2019 Mini Series
  • India‚Äôs own Dynamo Gaming is the leading vote getter

PUBG Mobile Star Challenge - PMSC 2019  Gaming event has seen Indian eSports players and content creators dominating fans’ minds from across the world. This is because multiple players from the Indian contingent have received maximum fan votes on the PMSC 2019 website, thereby looking all set to take Indian eSports to greater heights and the resultant global recognition that the country deserves in the fairly emerging segment.  

At this point in time, India’s own Dynamo Gaming is the leading vote getter (on the PMSC 2019 website) with 437809 votes followed by Kronten Gaming with 86342 votes, then there is Raw Knee Gaming at 77521 votes, and Gareeboo with 45130 votes – thereby making it an all-Indian domination.  

In summary, 4 out of 5 places based on the number of votes have been bagged by Indian players at the PMSC 2019 mini-series tournament. Finals of the PMSC 2019 takes place between 7-8 September.  

This is definitely positive as far as the Indian eSports domain is concerned; at this point in time, it is worth remembering that the PMSC 2019 also has Team SouL (aka SOUL) and TeamIND- both of which captured eyeballs and won hearts at the recent PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 (PMCO 2019). During this event, Team SOUL’s IG-Mortal was adjudged PMCO 2019 website fan favourite player of the tournament; this time around, Dynamo Gaming could bag the honour.  

Tournament voting is still open, and the winning team gets $250,000 as prize money – but this is not important as recognition at the global level matters more than monetary benefits as far as Indian players and teams are concerned. The tournament offers the latter, hence assumes huge significance.  

In case you are an eSports loyalist enjoying watching Indian players battle it out at global PUBG events, the livestream of these events could be watched from here. Also, the second and third trailer of the PMSC 2019 is also out and could watched via the above link.  

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