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IPad Pro 2021 May Not Be Compatible With The Old Magic Keyboard, Here's Why

The latest 9to5Mac report suggests that the latest iPad Pro 2021 may not work with the old magic keyboard due to its size and weight. Here's a brief.

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iPad Pro 2021 may not be compatible with the old magic keyboard (Image Source: Apple Hub Twitter)

Apple made history yet again with its Spring Loaded Apple event that stayed on top of the trend for days and was everything people seemed to have conversations about. The tech giant introduced a variety of new gadgets while also teasing about newer updates on the existing operations. The new iPad Pro 2021 especially caught the attention of the crowd and was appreciated thoroughly. Here's what the latest report by iGeneration had to say about iPhone Pro 2021.

iPad Pro may not work with the old magic keyboard

As per the French online publication, iGeneration, the new iPad Pro 2021 may not work with an old magic keyboard. The problem identified here is, oddly enough, the size of the new iPad. Typically, the magic keyboard grips the tablet pretty tight. But due to the 2021 generation iPad Pro 12.9 inch's 0.55 mm additional thickness, the precise fit becomes a problem and can only be used together if one of them is redesigned.

On Apple's official website, the company has clearly stated that the latest tablet is compatible with the new magic keyboard but hasn't mentioned anything about the old keyboard yet. Boasting two screen sizes with the all-new M1 processor as its best bet, iPad Pro 2021 seems to have everything in place except for this one little problem. Fans can be relieved though because the smaller 11-inch model of the iPad Pro 2021 is independent of this problem as it shares the same size and weight as the earlier models that were, for a fact, compatible with the old magic keyboard.

About iPad Pro Release Date, Price & More

The iPad Pro can be pre-ordered starting from April 30, 2021. However, the device will become available in stores and online from the second half of May onwards, as announced in the Apple event. As for iPad Pro price, Apple has chosen a rather cost-efficient route this time around for the newer models. While the smaller 11 inch iPad Pro starts from a base price of $799, the larger, high-end 12.9 inch iPad Pro starts at $1099. In India, the iPad Pro price starts from Rs.99,900 for the 12.9-inch model and Rs.71,900 for the 11-inch model. The new magic keyboard costs Rs.31,900.

Image Source: Apple Hub Twitter

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