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Is Xbox Series Z Real? See What A Microsoft Game Console Might Look In The Future

Is Xbox series Z real? Recently a video shared by a social media user went viral, the video showed a glimpse of XBOX series Z game console. Read on for details.

xbox series z

A few days ago, a video of a handheld version of Xbox series Z became viral on social media. The Xbox model is being called as Xbox Series Z, that can even fit inside a pocket as well. The clip was shared by a graphic artist and a popular video streaming platform user named Kashama, who shared the video on January 17. However, some of the viewers are in doubts about whether the video is real or not. Read on to know more details about this new unofficial version of Xbox series Z. 

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Xbox portable console called Series Z's video

The Xbox Series Z is a game console design shared by a popular video maker with the ID imkashama. The video starts with showcasing how a gadget opens its flap while playing some games on the console itself. The video also shows that the screen is positioned above the joysticks, which can be identified as D-pad and A, B, X and Y buttons. Even though Microsoft has been rumouredly working on a project that could be equivalent or better than Nintendo's Switch, yet the US tech giant has not made any announcements about releasing the handheld gaming device any time soon. 

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Is Xbox series z real?

The game console design and function that is shown in the video is actually a concept video shared by a popular video maker with the name "imkashama". The game console is not an actual design of an Xbox series to come as Microsoft has not made any official announcements as such. The US tech giant has recently released Xbox Series X and S that was released in November 2020. Still, some users got confused watching the video and thinking that it may be a real Xbox series video showcasing real game console, which is not true. Thus, there is no information about Xbox series Z price as well as Xbox series Z portable release date. 

The popular video maker who goes by the name of Kashama, is known for making futuristic concepts about many tech gadgets that could pop up in the future. He had earlier shared clips of futuristic versions of Xbox controllers, foldable iPhones and a Lamborghini smartwatch via his video-sharing account that has 875,000 followers. Meanwhile, this is not the first console design that has confused the viewers, as the video for PS5 Starbucks edition as well as KFConsole turned out to be a hoax. 


A post shared by KASHAMA (@imkashama)



A post shared by KASHAMA (@imkashama)

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