Lego Builds Its Own Foldable Pop-up Storybook To Poke Fun At Samsung Galaxy Fold And It's Hilarious!

Written By Tanmay Patange | Mumbai | Published:


  • Lego Fold is nothing more than Samsung Galaxy Fold lookalike
  • It comes nowhere close to a smartphone or a tablet or any electronic device for that matter

Samsung's foldable device Galaxy Fold has got everyone talking. And now that we have one from Samsung, we can soon expect other brands to jump on to the foldable smartphones bandwagon. Infact, Huawei and Xiaomi aren't too far behind either. As we keep ourselves busy wondering about what LG and Motorola could bring next, Lego has taken the wraps off Lego Fold - a hilarious take on Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Before you wonder, Lego Fold is nothing more than a Galaxy Fold lookalike. Infact, it comes nowhere close to a smartphone or a tablet or any electronic device for that matter. Lego Fold is just a pop-up storybook. But the way they have teased Lego Fold on Twitter is hilarious as if it's actually an electronic device that transforms into a tablet or a smartphone as per your convenience. Here's what Lego had to say in a tweet:

"A stunning 5-inch cover display unfolds into an 11-inch pop-up storybook. For endless creative play that never runs out of battery," tweeted Lego.

(Samsung Galaxy Fold)

If you take a closer look, you'll notice that Lego was taking a dig at Samsung Galaxy Fold. In the promo teaser, Lego Fold was dressed exactly up similar to Samsung's Galaxy Fold marketing. Lego then went even further by saying that it "never runs out of battery."

Lego Fold is called a pop-up book. The set includes four Lego Minifigures: Little Red Riding Hood, Grandmother, the Wolf, and the Giant. It also includes a micro figure, Jack. Lego's first pop-up storybook features two fairly tale stories: Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk.

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The box includes enough bricks to build both fairy tales in the set or you can even build your own scene. Inside is standard a booklet featuring building instructions, a brief history of pop-up books, a short history of the two fairy tales and more.

Lego "Fold" pop-up book measures over 7-inch long and 5-inch wide when folded, and over 11-inch wide when unfolded.