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LG OLED Evo Now Introduced In The CES 2021 Event: Know All Details Here

The latest addition from LG TV, known as LG OLED Evo produces more light per pixel, with better red and blue brightness and an added green element. Read on.

lg oled evo

The top technology in the TV category has been owned by OLED displays for many years, as this shows high picture quality along with high definition contrast. Among all other TVs, the best OLED TV production by far is by LG and they are now coming with a brand new OLED Evo, which they announced at CES 2021 as a new OLED panel technology. Continue reading to know about some of these latest OLED displays from LG.

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LG Oled Evo 

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LG TV has released a handful of details about its upcoming 2021 series of OLED televisions at CES 2021. There will be around 5 models of OLED TVs that will be made available in 2021. The main attention is going to be at the OLED Evo which is the new 2nd generation panel. This promises all the same high-contrast clarity of the current OLED panels, along with an updated technology that is going to provide a boost in the overall brightness and colour range thanks to the addition of a new luminous element.

OLEDs are self-emissive displays and apart from these elements providing colour, they also provide more light. The new OLED Evo produces more light per pixel, with better red and blue brightness and an added green element. As of now, the LG OLED Evo price hasn't been released.

The Z1, G1, and C1 models are going to have the new Alpha9 Gen 4 image signal processor by LG which can also be found on the other models from LG including QNED99, QNED95, NANO99, and NANO 95 LCD models. This new processor is going to use deep learning algorithms in order to upscale content. There is also a new feature known as AI Picture Pro, which will be able to recognize objects such as faces and bodies as well as the foreground and background in the image.

LG Transparent TV OLED Specifications:

  • Brightness(Typ.): 400 cd/m² (APL 25%, without Glass)
  • Transparency(Typ.) : 38% (Panel)
  • Bezel : 7.9 mm (T/B/L), 121.7 mm (B)
  • Interface : HDMI/DP/USB(2)/ RS232C/ RJ45/ Audio/ IR
  • IEC 61373 Standard Verified

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