New Answers In Amazon Alexa Now Crowdsourced, Anyone Can Teach The PDA


Amazon Alexa has now started accepting answers to “difficult” questions from its user base – you. Check out Amazon Answers crowd-sourced platform now live.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

Amazon Alexa has now started accepting answers to “difficult” questions from its user base – you. You could help the personal digital assistant (PDA) with answers to questions that it does not know. You could train Alexa, and make it better, through the Alexa Answers platform. Here, all answers to difficult questions are crowd-sourced.  

Alexa Answers – overall  

On the Alexa Answers platform, you could find questions, answer these, and even incorporate newer questions – answers. Alexa shares your replies with other users asking the question. Hence, your expertise would be shared with the world. Your answers to questions on Alexa Answers would garner you a top contributor status as well. Whenever Alexa showcases your responses to other users, you would earn points. “We're looking for experts and enthusiasts to help us grow and shape the Alexa Answers experience,” states a post on the official Alexa Answers platform.  

How to contribute to the crowd-sourced campaign? 

To answer questions on Alexa, you would need an Amazon Alexa account. Once you log-in, you would be able to post answers to queries Alexa cannot answer. You could also create newer queries and post these. Alexa would, undoubtedly, turn smarter with this approach. Here, you should remember to stay clean with your queries. Do not bundle below-the-belt queries and answers, on the PDA. At this point in time, the Amazon Alexa-driven Amazon Echo devices have been intensively advertised in India. Prices of these devices start from Rs 4000 in the country. In case you are an Indian Alexa user, do check out Alexa Answers as the platform for knowledge sharing in India is huge considering the multi-language diversity within.  

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