New Emojis For Android 10 Include Gender-Neutral Ones As Well


New emojis for Android 10 are now official. These include gender-neutral emojis, pinching hand, yawning face, and many others. The full list is available now.

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Android 10

New emojis for Android 10 are now official and these include a pinching hand, yawning face, and many others. Android 10 was launched on 3 September. With users testing out the new Google mobile operating system (OS) at an all-time high, it is not only apt for the Android 10 new emojis to have surfaced officially. The newer emojis in Android 10 also include the likes of a “Mechanical arm” and “Mechanical Leg” apart from others. The full list of new Android 10 emojis can be checked out below: 


New emojis to Android 10 




World Emoji Day celebrated by netizens

Overall, there are 236 emojis to Android 10. Along with these, around 800 current emoji patterns are said to have been modified for the new OS. Then, there are multiple gender-neutral emojis as well. Very recently, the World Emoji Day was also celebrated by netizens. This also turned into a trend with #WorldEmojiDay reaching numero-uno on Twitter.  

On its part, with Android 10 having rolled out to smartphones irrespective of brands, it would definitely be worth checking out as to how quickly the new OS update hits Nokia smartphones. This is because, as per a recent report, Nokia became the fastest brand to deploy the current-gen Android 9.0 (Pie) update to most of its existing smartphones. There is a huge possibility about this predicament turning true for Android 10 firmware update as well. If you are a user of comparatively newer Nokia smartphones, then do check, for software updates within your devices, right away. 

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