Now, A Shoe Whose Laces Can Be Controlled Through Smartphones And Touch


The Nike Adapt BB works with the Nike FitAdapt technology that enables control (of the shoe) through a smartphone app and even with a touch. This may be available commercially soon.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

It seems that the “all things smart” has caught up even with shoes as fashion giant Nike has now come out with the Adapt BB that comes with iPhone-controlled laces not requiring humans to even tie their shoelaces physically.  The entire Nike Adapt shoes are custom-made to synchronize with a smartphone application and firmware.

Now, Nike’s Adapt BB “smartly” recognizes the fit aspect of the shoe that basketball players (Nike Adapt BB is tailor-made for basketball players) require at a given point in time and dynamically adjusts the shoe dynamically with players being able to tighten/loosen the laces through the smartphone app. Players could also manually touch to change fit settings of the shoe.

The embedded technology is said to be the FitAdapt that reportedly lets players choose to receive firmware updates. At this juncture, it is not known as to when the Nike Adapt BB would commercially ship and pricing details. However, Nike states that it would look at expanding the shoe to players of other sports as well. In this regard, if you are a basketball player do share insights on the Nike Adapt BB.

With “smartness” at the forefront, it is worth understanding that the recent CES 2019 witnessed a multitude of products with “smartness” built-in. These Included the likes of a smart toilet from Kohler that comes with Alexa integrated, a robotic ping-pong player that trains “humans” on the sport, a smart suitcase that is integrated with AI to follow its master around at lounges/airports, and even an 88-inch TV that integrates AI.

Now, smartness is relatively fine in making lives of consumers easy; but when integrated with aspects like suitcases and toilets to “guide” humans, wouldn't this be a typical scenario of obsession with artificial smartness? Isn't natural smartness not at all the priority in modern times? Only time should tell.

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