Samsung Brings World’s Largest Onyx 4K LED Theatrical Screen To India


Onyx is essentially a giant 4K TV screen built specifically for the movie theatre

Written By Saurabh Singh | Mumbai | Updated On:

Samsung introduced its Onyx line of 4K LED theatrical screens in India last year. Onyx is essentially a giant 4K TV screen built specifically for the movie theatre. But Samsung was sort of humble in its approach in the initial run – initially launching a 34-foot version that paled in comparison to conventional 45- to 65-foot projection screens found inside most movie theatres. That changes today, as Samsung just launched the world’s largest Onyx 4K LED theatrical screen in India.  

The world’s largest Onyx cinema LED screen that stands at a whopping 46-foot has been installed at Swagath Cinemas on Bengaluru’s MG Road – the theatre has in fact been rechristened to Swagath Onyx Theatre. Globally, only two other such Onyx Cinema LED screens exist, one in Malaysia and another in China – India is only the third country in the world to get it. 

Onyx is an LED screen specifically designed for the movie theatre – the name Onyx comes from the LED screen's signature pitch black-rendering technology. Samsung touts three key features that make Onyx stand out from conventional projection screens. Onyx View for infinite contrast and specialized low-tone greyscale settings, Onyx 3D for enhanced brightness and consistent colour amplification, and Onyx Sound for surround sound from JBL. 

Samsung’s Onyx is claimed to be the world's first DCI-certified cinema screen and includes six JBL AM 7315 screen array loudspeakers, four JBL 9300 cinema surround loudspeakers, eighteen JBL 9350 + four JBL SCS 12 high impact cinema surround loudspeakers, six JBL AC28/26 used as underfills for the balcony area and nine JBL 5628 dual 18-inch cinema subwoofers.  

Another big advantage of Onyx is that it works well even in partial light, which means the same movie theatre can be used to host other events – thereby redefining the concept of conventional theatres in a way.  

“Samsung is the only brand offering an end-to-end movie experience, from stunning visuals through Onyx Cinema LED Screens to phenomenal sound from JBL Professional by HARMAN. Onyx Cinema LED at Swagath Onyx Theatre in Bengaluru will revolutionize cinema viewing experience for film lovers in the city and across India. This is a remarkable milestone for Indian cinema and a testament to our consumer-centric approach,” Puneet Sethi who is vice president, consumer electronics enterprise business, Samsung India said in a statement. 

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