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Image courtesy: letsgodigital


Samsung May Be Working On A Foldable Phone That Wraps Around Your Wrist Like A Watch

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We already know that Samsung is currently working on a few foldable design prototypes – possibly to find the best solution. One of these prototypes could entail in a foldable phone that wraps around your wrist like a watch. Samsung has apparently filed a new patent that could make such a foldable phone a reality soon. Although, being a patent also means, we may never see it at all beyond the prototype stage. 

Regardless, the time of foldable phones has seemingly arrived and with legacy brands like Samsung investing in the whole ecosystem, it won’t be long before others join the bandwagon as well. 

The schematics detailed alongside the patent envisage a design unlike the recently unveiled Nubia Alpha (which was a watch first and a phone for occasions), wherein the whole display wraps around the users’ wrist and latches on to it via magnets towards the ends – the result is a bigger display that lets you do actual smartphone stuff rather than letting you access only the basics. Samsung has reworked on the software side for the Galaxy Fold, and something similar will be expected from this new design as well. 

Although it is hard to predict hardware specs right now, the schematics seem to suggest the device may come with an in-display fingerprint scanner and dual rear cameras. 

The new patent design is off the charts as far as comparing it with the Galaxy Fold is concerned. Samsung is also said to be working on a Huawei Mate X-like design.  

Although both the Mate X and Galaxy Fold are foldable phones, they take different routes to achieve their goal. While Huawei’s Mate X folds outwards (and has just one display), Samsung’s Galaxy Fold folds inwards (and has two displays). As opposed to the Galaxy Fold, the Mate X give users access to three screen sizes – two independent smartphone-like screens with 6.6-inch and 6.38-inch sizes respectively, and an 8-inch tablet form factor without any notch. The Galaxy Fold has two screens – a 7.3-inch primary tablet kind (with a notch for the cameras) and a smaller 4.6-inch phone form factor. 

Huawei’s design also allows the company to achieve a back-to-back fold without a gap, something which isn’t the case with the Galaxy Fold. 

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