Sony Has Sold Over 91.6 Million PlayStation 4 Consoles, Spider-Man Was Most Popular Title During Holiday Sales


The numbers are surely outstanding considering that the the PS4 and the PS4 Pro aren’t even the most powerful gaming consoles in the world right now

Written By Saurabh Singh | Mumbai | Updated On:

The Sony PlayStation 4 may not be the most powerful gaming console in the world – that will be Microsoft’s Xbox One X – or the most versatile when it comes to portability – that will be Nintendo’s Switch – but it most certainly is the most popular gaming console in the world. Sony Interactive is out with some big numbers to show off how popular its current-generation PlayStation 4 (and PlayStation 4 Pro) console is and is evidently going stong(er) even after all this while.  

Sony says it has sold over 91.6 million units of the PS4 globally and even though the Japanese major has already hinted that it is working on a successor PS5, it managed to rake in a spectacular sales figure of 5.6 million PS4 units sold over the holiday season worldwide.  

"Thanks to the continued support from our fans during the holiday season, we are pleased to announce that PS4 has reached 91.6 million units globally. We are also happy to announce that the monthly active users of PlayStation Network continues to show strong growth, and has surpassed 90 million as of end of November 2018," John Kodera, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment said in a press statement. 

The numbers are surely outstanding considering that the the PS4 and the PS4 Pro aren’t even the most powerful gaming consoles in the world right now. The Microsoft Xbox One X is. Which invariably means their popularity among console gamers is largely because of Sony’s expansive games catalogue of exclusives. Something that Microsoft has failed to crack, leading to dismal sales of the Xbox One X in comparison.  

Sony also has proof to back its dominance when it comes to exclusive titles. Not that it is an industry secret anymore. The company sold more than 50.7 million PS4 games globally during the 2018 holiday season, and Marvel's Spider-Man (a PlayStation-exclusive) was apparently the most popular titles among buyers: selling more than 9 million copies (disk and digital) worldwide as of November 25, 2018. Sony also had God of War as a PlayStation-exclusive in 2018 and gamers already have titles such as Kojima’s Death Stranding to look forward to in the days to come. 

"I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our passionate community around the globe, and our partners, for helping us achieve these milestones. This year, we will bring more enhanced experiences to our fans along with a highly anticipated lineup of games that are only possible on PS4. As we look toward the next PS4 milestone, SIE will continue to evolve, and we will further expand the platform to deliver the best interactive entertainment experiences to the world," Kodera added. 

While not as popular as the PS2 (the PS2 has sold over 150 million units making it the best-selling console of all time), the PS4 has managed to carve quite a fan following of its own despite some stiff competition from Microsoft (USP: backwards compatible Xbox games) and Nintendo (the Switch has earned the title of being the fastest selling gaming console in the US).

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