Sony PS5 - Next-Gen Console Confirmed, Reaching You Shortly: Check Out Details


The Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) aka next-gen PS5 is confirmed to be hitting you soon. Mark Cerny himself confirmed the development.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

For those of you expecting the next-gen Sony PlayStation, by calling it an apparent PlayStation 5 (PS5), there is lots to cheer about as the console is officially on its way to reaching you. The device would also offer next-gen solid-state drive (SSD) to store intact all new games.

Now, this information has surfaced via a Wired report, that quotes Mark Cerny who is lead architect behind the development of the current-gen PS4, and game designer as well, the Sony PS5 would come at some unknown point in time in the near future; but it is certainly doubtful about the gaming device hitting stores in 2019 itself.

Cerny also confirmed incorporation of comparatively more powerful processors and graphics unit hardware within the next-gen PS5 device. There would also be the AMD chipset within and this would be based on the Ryzen family of chips, whilst the graphics unit would be from the Radeon’s Navi range. This in turn would support 3D audio.

The biggest detail, having surfaced at this point in time is the compatibility of the current PSVR unit with the next-gen PS5. This should offer virtual reality gamers lots to cheer about.

The supported games have not surfaced yet, but Sony PS loyalists expect the backwards compatibility feature to be included as far as current-gen PS4 titles are concerned. In this regard, if you are a PS4 gamer, do share your thoughts on what you expect as far as PS5 support is concerned.

Finally, to reminisce, Sony has opted out from this year’s E3 conference. Microsoft would be in attendance here. The latter is also rumoured (by loyalists) to be hard at work on a next-gen Xbox iteration; loyalist expectations also desire a disc-less console aka an all-digital variant of the unit to be launched this year; this makes sense theoretically.

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