Tesla Sued For Death Of 18 Year Old Due To Faulty Model S Battery

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  • Telsa S Sedan belongs to the premium electric cars segment
  • Tesla has made rapid strides in the electric vehicles segment

It seems like electric car manufacturing giant Tesla has been slapped with a lawsuit in connection with the death of an 18 year old person who was travelling in a 2014 Tesla S Sedan that allegedly had problems in its batteries. This incident apparently took place last year.

A Reuters report states that the passenger travelling in the above Tesla car, along with an accomplice, was killed when the automobile hit against a concrete wall and burst into flames in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. This accident reportedly took place during May 2018.

Also, a few months before the incident, parents of one of the deceased had apparently got a speed governor installed within the Tesla S Sedan which was said to have been removed without the parents’ consent and knowledge negligently. Also, the driver is said to have driven the car at speeds hovering around 116 mph prior to the accident.

“No car could have withstood a high-speed crash of this kind,” stated Tesla to Reuters. The carmaker also seeded an OTA update to limit speed.

In related news, the CES 20129 which is currently underway and set to end soon had a special focus on smart automotives that are powered by AI and ensure safety on-road as well as maintain a constantly pleasurable driving experience.

Also, as far as cars are concerned, there were also flying cars concepts showcased that are set to be more widely showcased by 2020. With these, it should in an imaginary scenario be a pleasure to beat traffic and glide across between any two points irrespective of distance without worrying even about fuel wastage and high fuel prices. However, flying cars may not become an immediate reality. But smart automobiles are set to become a reality and go physical very soon. Even self-driven cars which are now being piloted in some geographical regions of the world should fall into the smart automobiles category.

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