Vodafone Minimum Recharge Plan Reduced To Rs 20 Sets Off Frenzy 

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Vodafone's monthly minimum recharge is now rumoured to be reduced to Rs 20
  • Earlier, there were Rs 35 and Rs 24 plans that allowed validity maintenance.

Has Vodafone (Vodafone-Idea) reduced the monthly minimum recharge to Rs 20 for prepaid subscribers to keep their current numbers active? These speculations have started doing rounds and state that the telco would be reducing, to Rs 20, the minimum recharge required to be resorted to per month. Earlier, the minimum recharge was Rs 35 for prepaid. At this point in time, Bharti Airtel has a minimum recharge of Rs 35 per month (offering 28-day validity plus Rs 26 talktime) that is mandatory failing which prepaid subscribers would potentially risk deactivation of their numbers. The Rs 20 prepaid recharge, per month, would reportedly entitle subscribers to  28-day validity.  There was also another Rs 24 scheme that allowed users to keep their numbers intact without having to recharge for another month.

The speculated Vodafone Rs 20 recharge plan

As per certain reports, the Rs 20 minimum recharge plan has been effected by Vodafone in a bid to keep intact its user base and to potentially encourage inactive users to resort to reactivating their numbers and keep them running. At this stage, it is worth remembering that earlier for the Rs 35 plan, a wide cross-section of prepaid users had expressed concern and stated that it would be a burden to recharge every month just to keep their current numbers active. Now, the new reported development seems to be a good step as far as easing the burdens of monthly recharges (the exact tariffs) is concerned. In case, you are a Vodafone prepaid user, do check on the Rs 20 recharge plan online. 

Minimum recharge

At this juncture, when we checked out the online portal, the Rs 20 minimum plan was yet to reflect. The Rs 35 plan was being displayed. When we contacted the customer care, the representative refused to confirm the reduction in monthly minimum recharge plan. Nonetheless, netizens (Twitterati) has been hyper-active with the above reports. Check out certain reactions, below. Finally, it seems that the Rs 20 prepaid recharge plan could be yet another standalone offering of a recharge scheme. It could also vary depending on the telecom circles.