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WatchOS 8: Find Out The Release Date And The Supported Devices

The WatchOS 8 was announced at the WWDC 2021 held on June 7th. WatchOS 8 requires an iPhone 6s or a newer model running iOS 14 or higher.

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For the first time, Apple announced specifics about watchOS 8 during the opening keynote of WWDC, and the developer beta was made available on June 7th, revealing even more specifics about watchOS 8. In the fall, most likely in September, a general release might be expected. So what is the expected watchOS 8 release date? Continue reading the article to know about the release date and watchOS 8 compatibility.

watchOS 8 Release Date and Supported Devices

Apple's flagship OS updates follow a predictable pattern, and watchOS 8 was officially introduced at WWDC on June 7, 2021. Then, alongside it, the first developer beta of watchOS 8 was launched. The first public beta of watchOS 8 could be launched in July 2021, and the final version of watchOS 8 will be given to the public in September 2021. More changes will begin in the coming year.

For the supported devices, watchOS 8 requires an iPhone 6s or a newer model running iOS 14 or higher. Here are all the compatible watch models that can install watchOS 8: Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 6, and Apple Watch Series 7 (TBC). Apple Watch 3 and newer devices will be able to download watchOS 8, which is good news for older Apple Watch customers. The watchOS 8 support devices list hasn't changed from last year's watchOS 7, so Apple Watch 3 and newer devices will be able to download it.

Before the watchOS 8 announcements, there was a rumour that Siri will gain a new offline mode, which would assist a lot with privacy concerns about where voice recordings are stored. For some functions, including as setting timers and starting apps, Apple is also leaning toward on-device voice recognition.

Another one of the major changes is for the Photos app. The Photos app is utilised for one of the most popular watch faces, so a major update here will affect the overall look and feel of the device for many people: yes, the Apple Watch will gain Portrait mode like the iPhone. You can effortlessly add multiple emoji and GIFs, dictate or scrawl notes, and pinpoint errors with the Digital Crown.

IMAGE: Unsplash

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