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AC Valhalla Lunden World Events: Here Is A Comprehensive Guide On The Lunden World Event

In AC Valhalla, the players will notice three people talking when they arrive at the Lunden world event. Here's a full guide on completing this event.

Image Source: Ubisoft Montreal

Image Source: Ubisoft Montreal

In Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Lunden includes 5 Mysteries (also known as Lunden mysteries). You will always find anything in free-roam after the storey if you skip any of the Mysteries. To level up and earn the "Completionist All the Way!" award or achievement, it's recommended that you collect everything as you progress through the regions. Continue reading the article to know more about these world events as of the latest AC Valhalla update.

AC Valhalla Lunden World Events

  • Last Flight of the Golden Sparrow
    • You'll notice three people talking when you arrive at the Lunden world event. If you speak with the person who has the text box over their head, they will tell you about a wreckage in the Thames. The debris can be seen to the left of the pier, not far away. Dive down to the rubble and open the two chests inside.
    • When you return to the lady, she'll tell you that the necklace you're looking for was probably eaten by a cow. Don't worry about it. The first fish you catch off the dock will have the necklace she's looking for. Return to the woman and give her the necklace (or don't) to bring this world event to a close.
  • The Demon Odour At the Tithe
    • When you arrive at this world event, you will see a building made of bricks and a man who is shouting that he is stuck. Get inside the building through the open window on the left side of the building. Destroy the jars that are blocking the moveable cargo. Move all of them to rescue the man. After he is free, talk to him and this will end the world event - The demon odour at the tithe.
  • War of the Collectors
    • Before you start this specific world event, you will have to build the Octavian’s Museum in your Ravensthorpe settlement. On doing this you will get the quest, “A Rivalry for the Ages”, then get back to this Lunden world event location and talk to the collector. You will have to pay 130 silver to get the statue that Octavian wants (you can convince without paying if you have level 5 charisma)
  • Falling Stars
    • For this world event, you will have to get a band back together. There are three members that you will have to find and here 
    • First member - At the front of St. Paul’s Cathedral you need to go right and use Odin’s Sight. Here you will see a woman playing an instrument and you need to pay her 50 silver debt.
    • Second member - Now on the western part of the city map, you will have to go to the stairs that lead underground. You need to keep searching here for a woman crying but most of the time she is found just outside the city’s wall. After you find her, you need to speak to her and choose either dialogue option.
    • Third member - This is the last member that you need to talk to. For this, you need to reach the Crepelgate Fort in Lunden. You will see some prisoners in cages when you reach the entrance to the fort. One of them will be seen on the knees and tied up. Free that one.

Image Source: Ubisoft Montreal

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