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Apex Legends Holo Spray Locations: Where Are All Holo Sprays Located?

In the latest update of Apex Legends, with a keycard the players can gain access to the Season 9 teaser by visiting the Firing Range. Read on.

Image Source: Respawn

Image Source: Respawn

The players in Apex Legends can access an in-game teaser via the Firing Range to get a special message about a character known as Ash who first made an appearance during Season 5’s story events. Here are more details about the Olympus holo spray locations for Apex Legends passcode.

Apex Legends Holo Spray Locations

With a keycard, you can gain access to the Season 9 teaser by visiting the Firing Range. To obtain a keycard, you must first open a care package in an Apex Legends daily or ranked game. Doing so will give you a chance to win a keycard, which is used to decrypt the password at the control console. Return to the lobby once you have a keycard, but do not begin a game. Instead, use the handset in the bottom right corner of the screen to communicate with it. This will play a message and instruct you to search King's Canyon and Olympus for three holo-sprays.

  • Orbital Cannon Holo-spray
    • This holo-spray can be found near the back of this Point of Interest, along the outer ring. Approach it with caution, as you could easily slip and fall to your death. I suggest going for this one after you’ve cleaned out any opponents sticking around.
  • Rift Holo-spray
    • In Rift, the next holo-spray is on a building's roof. Take the zipline up to the raised area and climb onto the roof of the far-right structure when you arrive at this POI. The holo-spray should be visible near the edge.
  • Estates Holo-spray
    • Your final holo-spray is found in Estates’ middle framework. As soon as you arrive, make your way to the massive building in the centre and climb to the top. The final holo-spray is nestled in the corner by the shower in the top home.

Kings Canyon Holo Spray Locations

  • Bunker Holo-spray
    • This one you can find on the River Center side of this building. Turn left when you exit Bunker's doors and climb up to the small raised area. Behind one of the conductors, you'll note the flickering holo-spray.
  • Crash Site Holo-spray
    • Go to the top of Crash Site and go to the side where there is no explosive hold. A forklift and some loot will be near the hologram, which will be sitting on a container.
  • Cage Holo-spray
    • Since Cage is such a hot spot right now, you may have to put your life on the line for this one. Climb to the very top of the cage and look at one of the support beams along the cage's corners. The final holo-spray will be sitting on the beam.

Image Source: Respawn

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