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Biomutant Rotation Puzzle Solutions: Flush-stools And Microwave Puzzle Solutions

Biomutant has puzzles to let the users do basic in-game tasks. However, some of them can be tricky. Read more to know about Biomutant rotation puzzle solution.

Biomutant rotation puzzle


Experiment 101 have launched its long-awaited, adventuristic game Biomutant on May 25, 2021. The game is currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and as players are making progress in the game, they are wondering about how to solve Biomutant rotation puzzle. These are small logical puzzles, which consist of three moving entities, and on solving them, a player can get going with the in-game tasks. Keep reading to know more about the Biomutant rotation puzzle and its solutions.  

How to solve Biomutant rotation puzzle?

Biomutant Rotation Puzzle is a combination of three or more configurable parts (nobs, circles, light bulbs or even letters), colour coded in white, orange and green. However, a player shall take care of the number of moves allowed, which is decided by the intellectual attribute in the game. They might appear difficult at first, but virtually all of them can be solved using the colour code at the starting and endpoint. 

Biomutant toilet Rotation puzzle solution

As stinky as the name might sound, the Biomutant toilet rotation puzzle requires you to arrange the nozzles on water pipes or flush stools. The nozzles are marked with white and orange cues in the form of dots and lines. To solve the puzzle, observe the colour of the starting and the endpoint. For most of them, the sequence is an alternate arrangement of colours, as depicted in the image below. 

Biomutant Toilet Rotation Puzzle


In this image, notice the tiny rectangular white light on the left and the orange line on the right. They act as the starting and ending point of the puzzle. Arrange the spokes in an alternate colour pattern and that is it. Just like other quests in the game, the flush-stools consists of five different toilet puzzles spread over the Biomutat world. Once all the puzzles are solved, the flush-stools quest is completed and the player gets experience points. 

Biomutant microwave rotation puzzle solution

Solving the biomutant microwave rotation puzzle is quite easy. As explained in the previous solution, the puzzle is a combination of colour-coded nobs, with the same colours facing each other. The image below shows how the puzzle looks once completed. However, do take care of the number of moves left. To know more about the game, watch a biomutant walkthrough. 

Biomutant microwave rotation puzzle solution


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