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Combat Bow Locations In Warzone: Warzone Combat Bow Locations And Challenge Explained

Combat Bow Locations in Warzone are being searched by almost every player in the game. With this guide, learn how to get the Combat Bow in Warzone and more.

combat bow locations in warzone


The most recent update in Warzone has shown up and the topic of this update is 80's Action Heroes. This update honors two of the top action saints of the 80s, John Rambo from the Rambo Series and John Mclane from the Die Hard arrangement. With this update, various new changes have shown up in the game as well, like new weapons, skins, killstreaks, and then some. One of the most recent Killstreaks that have been added to the game is the Warzone Combat Bow. Players need to figure out how to get Combat Bow in Warzone.

How to get Combat Bow in Warzone?

The Combat Bow is the most recent Killstreak that has been added to Warzone. With this Warzone Combat Bow, players can shoot deadly bolts that will unleash annihilation on foes and foe vehicles. There is additionally an 80's Action Heroes Challenge joined to this killstreak. There is no particular method to open the Combat Bow in Warzone. Moreover, there is no fixed area for the Warzone Combat Bow all things considered.

To get the Combat Bow Killstreak in Warzone, the players should set out on an excursion. Getting the Combat Bow needs tolerance and a touch of karma. There are 10 Survival Camps that are situated in Verdansk which are also the Combat Bow Locations in Warzone. These camps hold a few chests and supply cartons, the players should plunder them, and in the event that they are fortunate, the players will wind up getting a Combat Bow Kill Streak for themselves. Check out the Combat bow locations in Warzone below:

  • Between the Port and Prison
  • Promenade West
  • Boneyard
  • North of the Hospital
  • Northeast of the Stadium
  • Tv Station
  • North of Salt Mine
  • In Between of Military Base and Tv Station
  • North of the Summit
  • South of the Summit

Combat Bow Challenge

In the wake of gaining the Combat Bow Killstreak, the players can attempt to finish the 80s Action Heroes Challenge related to it. To finish this test, the players need to get 3 kills with the Combat Bow. These 3 murders don't need to be in one match, the player can attempt to get these kills across a few matches. While searching for the Combat Bow in Warzone, the players can likewise have a go at finishing another 80s Action Heroes Challenge. In the Survival Camps, there are numerous Rambo POW Dog Tags. These Dog Tags must be given over at the new POI, CIA Outpost. Players can finish 2 difficulties immediately.


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