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Coronavirus: 'Psych!' Emerges As Favourite Game During Lockdown

While Coronavirus fear has escalated leaving people all over the world in isolation, a new game, 'Psych!' has emerged as netizens' favourite during lockdown.

Coronavirus: 'Psych!' emerges as favourite game during lockdown

Coronavirus fear has escalated, leaving people all over the world in isolation, following strict lockdown restrictions and curfews in many nations. Confined to the walls of their house, people have an ample amount of alone-time to themselves. Following the situation, while some people have come up with quirky ideas to keep their spirits high, others have been investing their time playing online games, among which, 'Psych!' happens to be the most popular.

Psych! sensation

Released years back by the famous American comedian, Ellen DeGeneres had come up with the sensational game, 'Psych! Outwit Your Friends'. It happens to be an exciting new party game that can be played with multiple users at one time. Lately, the game has garnered a huge count of dedicated players, absolutely spending quality time playing it. 

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Available for both Android and IOS users, the game requires choosing from a variety of fun categories wherein each player makes up fake information mixed up with true answers followed by another user catching your lie. The game that happens to be perfect for game nights, road trips and during all random times, has now become most sought after while people continue to be gripped in home isolation and lockdown. For participating, users only require to share a code that they received on their devices and that's the start to the long gaming session.

Netizens' favourite

The game has emerged out to be the most favourite game besides being one of the most played by people worldwide. Netizens absolutely love spending their time playing Psych!, while most of us presently continue to be gripped in a lockdown-state. Many people also took to Twitter to share their details and love for the game.

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