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Fortnite Legendary Challenges: Where Is The CB Radio In Fortnite?

Fortnite players have recently been asking questions about CB Radio in the game. So we have listed all the information related to their search query. Read more



Fortnite Week 5 challenges have been released now. Recently, a new Legendary challenge has been trending amongst the gaming community. The players have been asking questions like 'Where is the CB radio in Fortnite' and 'how to interact with CB Radio in Fortnite' because of this new Legendary challenge. This is mostly because the players cannot find this CB Radio in the game. To complete this challenge, the players will first need to reach Retail Row in the game. There are a total of 8 CB Radios at this specific location. This is not the first time the makers have released these CB Radios in their game. Last year, this same task was introduced and it was Bunker Jonesy who was the one interested in these radios. 

Where is the CB Radio in Fortnite?

Currently, a new NPC named Sunny is the one who is interested in these CB Radio broadcasts. The players can reach Retail Row and answer all the 8 CB Radios that are available in the game. Initially, these Radios were marked on the Fortnite map but this season, the players will need to spot them without any markings on the map. These radios can be found just next to tin foil hats on folding tables. It can get a bit difficult for the players to spot each and every one of these radios in the game. So here is a list of CB Radios and their exact locations in the game. 

  • To find the first CB Radio, move towards the west side of Retail Row. Radio will be located on the wooden decking will be seen just towards the outskirts of that location. 
  • Start moving towards the middle of Retail Row. The radio will be just outside the blue house in the northwest corner of Retail Row.
  • Find the next one on the right side of the wooden and red brick house. 
  • Form there, move south till the players can see a yellow house. The CB Radio will be located right outside the house.
  • For the next CB Radio, move south towards the brown brick and wooden house.CB Radio will be located right outside the house.
  • The next radio can be found right in the centre of the parking lot. 
  • From there, start moving towards the substation. The radio will be located on the northwest corner of the parking lot. 
  • From there, start moving towards the tower. The radio will be located on the northeast corner of the parking lot. 

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