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Fortnite Spot The Difference | Here Is Code And Answers For All Seven Stages

Here is a complete guide for the Fortnite spot the difference puzzle. This map is not easy to slove as it requires good concentration and observation skills.

fortnite spot the difference

Fortnite now has a brand new puzzle map created by Derponce. This Fortnite spot the difference map is similar to other 'spot the difference' puzzles, in which you have to spot minor changes between two very similar images. These puzzle maps are simple in design but are hard to solve, as they require good concentration and observation skills. The island code for Derponce's Fortnite spot the difference map is 6278-1230-9351.

In these maps, you will have to spot small differences between two very similar scenes. Any difference spotted must be tagged with a gun. For those who are having trouble solving all seven levels of the Fortnite spot the difference map, here is a guide that will help you find all the differences. 

Fortnite spot the difference answers

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Level 1

  • A fish inside the cabin
  • Sign to left of the cabin
  • A hidden Bench behind the bear
  • The Canoe
  • The Tent
  • One fallen chair between the other chairs
  • Wood stack near the gate

Level 2

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  • The Starfish
  • A Lamp
  • One missing float on the outhouse railing
  • A small hanging chicken near the stand
  • Check the boat for a missing teddy bear
  • A scope on a crate
  • One Fish on top of a stand

Level 3

  • A missing teddy bear at the top of the ladder
  • Purple flower to the left of the house
  • Wood log on a platform behind the sign
  • Box in front of the ladder house
  • Fish in the corner
  • The No-swimming sign
  • Hidden barrel behind the ladder

Level 4

  • Teddy bear on the left-most stool at the bar
  • A man smiling behind the bar
  • Bird on the wall
  • Sign that says Boat for Rent
  • A missing coconut near the man on the stand
  • An Umbrella
  • Missing marshmallow over the fire

Level 5

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  • Valve on one of the pipes
  • Blue jelly on the ledge
  • Purple jelly on the ground
  • One toilet on the left
  • Missing stone on the ceiling behind the valve
  • The second floodlight from the left
  • One missing stone above the purple jelly

Level 6

  • Difference in Code: 3-7-9
  • Slight change at the centre point of G

Level 7

  • Difference in the light beam from the UFO
  • A missing rock on near the telescope
  • An Asteroid 
  • An Antenna above the pod
  • One missing tank
  • One missing light on the ceiling
  • Extra tire in the trunk of the car

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