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Fortnite: When Is Creative Mode Coming Back? Netizens Thrash Rift Tour Event; Read More

Fortnite Creative mode was disabled before the Rift Tour Concert first event held on August 6, 2021, along with party royale. Read fan reactions on Rift tour.

Fortnite: When is Creative Mode coming back? Netizens thrashes Rift Tour event; read more


On August 7, 2021, at 03:50 AM IST, a tweet from Fortnite Status thanked players for joining the first live concert in the ongoing Rift Tour event. While the tweet reminded people about four more shows that will take place today and tomorrow, it also announced something else. Fortnite Status' tweet says more about COre Battle Royale playlists and Fortnite Creative mode is re-enabled, meaning that the Fortnite Creative Mode is going to be back soon. Readers who are wondering about when is creative coming back to Fortnite, keep reading to know more. 

When is creative coming back to Fortnite?

As of 09:20 AM IST on August 7, 2021, the Creative mode on Fortnite has been re-enabled. The Creative mode has been re-enabled about five hours after Fortnite first announced it. Along with the Fortnite Creative mode, All Battle Royale Playlists have also been re-enabled, and Fortnite Status' official announcement is attached below. Fans have welcome the creative mode as they were missing the mode previously. Additionally, Fortnite has also fixed some other issues which were reported by users, including being stuck at 'Checking for updates and other login errors. 

When is party royal coming back?

Around 11:30 PM on August 6, 2021, three features in Fortnite were disabled, including Creative mode, Battle Labs and Party Royale. While the Fortnite Creative mode is used by creators to design gameplay and experiences that can be shared with other players, Battle Labs allows Fortnite players to play with their friends, having the whole island to themselves. Besides, the Party Royale is an experimental space in Fortnite where players can enjoy minigames or join friends to attend online events. Along with the creative mode being re-enabled on Fortnite, the Party Royale mode has also been re-enabled. 

Fortnite Rift Tour Concert criticized by netizens, read comments 

While the Fortnite Rift Tour was hyped for a long time, a lot of fans had high expectations from the event, which seems to be the cause of disappointment among them. On an Instagram post related to the Rift Tour concert, fans have expressed how they feel about the Rift Tour event, and the comments range from "disappointed" to "Way too short." Some netizens also complained about the time they had to wait for the event, saying that "it was 3 min long and I waited 25 min". Have a look at the comments below. 

Fortnite Rift Tour thrashed


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