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Genshin Impact Guide: Here's How To Complete The Golden Apple Archipelago Missions

Genshin Impact players have been talking about the Golden Apple Archipelago. So we have listed all the information about this region and its tasks here. Read

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Genshin Impact has been one of the most popular free to play games with thousands of players playing this game all over the globe. The makers of Genshin Impact have released a new update and the players are certainly loving it. But some have been stuck at particular points in the game and are thus asking questions about the Golden Apple Archipelago location currently. So here is some valuable information needed to know more about Genshin Impact Golden Apple Archipelago. 

Genshin Impact Golden Apple Archipelago

Golden Apple Archipelago in Genshin Impact is basically a limited time period region in the game. This region is made up of a number of different islands and here Dodo-King invites Klee to take part in the ‘Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown’ quest. A new Waverider system has also been introduced with the Golden Apple Archipelago. This region has a total of 4 different areas in the game including the Pudding Isle, Twinning Isle, Broken Isle and Minacious Isle. To help the players, here is some more information about these Golden Apple Archipelago Isle in the game. Read more 

  • Pudding Isle: The start of the mission. PLayers can spot 1 Teleport Waypoint, 1 Door of Resurrection, 1 Waverider Waypoint, and several Echoing Conches in this area.
  • Twinning Isle: Located just towards the north of Pudding Isle. The players can spot Echoing Conch with the Teleport Waypoint and a Rock Pile concealing a chest.
  • Broken Isle: This is located just towards the southwest of Twinning Isle. The players can find another device here.
  • Minacious Isle: Here, the players are required to light the beacon to finish the quest. 

Many players have been talking about the upcoming Genshin Impact update and the different changes it's going to bring into the game. According to the latest leak that was released by Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Discord, it has now been confirmed that a new character, Tohma, is going to be joining popular characters like Ayaka and Yoimiya. This Genshin Impact leak seems likely because a number of rumours had previously suggested that the game is going to see another new 4-star character, which could be Tohma in Genshin Impact. It is also said that Tohma in Genshin Impact is going to be a Pyro polearm user. Ayaka has mentioned Tohma a number of times, which could suggest that  these two characters might be linked in some way. 


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