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Genshin Impact Unta Mosi Dada: Learn How To Decipher This Hilichurl Phrase Here

Genshin Impact has the players running investigations to find the Unusual Hilichurl in the game. Learn what is Genshin Impact Unta Mosi Dada here.

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Genshin Impact has been garnering massive fame recently and this can be credited to the events that are held in the game. Since discharge, Genshin Impact has delivered a delightful assortment of events where players can procure a great deal of items and experience some new substance. These events additionally help drive up player commitment. The most recent occasion is the Genshin Impact Unusual Hilichurl the players are having some trouble with it. Many players want to learn the meaning of Genshin Impact Unta Mosi Dada.

Genshin Impact Unta Mosi Dada

In the Unusual Hilichurl event, the players will be faced with a lot of investigation. One of the tasks of these investigations needs the players to talk to the Hilichurls and gather intel. The issue that arises here is that Hilichurls don’t speak the common tongue and they have their own language. Players need to decipher this language using the manual provided to them.

The Unta Mosi Dada phrase arises during the second sighting of the Unusual Hilichurl. One of the Hilichurl will utter this phrase during the investigation of this sighting. The meaning of Unta Mosi Dada is, “the wonderful time from lunch till just before sunset”. The Hilichurl is providing the players with a time frame of the Unusual Hilichurl with this phrase. Players can head over to the location of the Hilichurl sighting during this time frame to hunt it down, or they can reach earlier and just fast forward the in-game clock to the time of the Hilichurl’s appearance.

Genshin Impact Shenli

Shenli is one of the very few first characters that were data-mined when the game was released. Shenli’s actual name is Shenhe, but many players still refer to this character as Shenli. Players all around the world have been asking who is Shenli and when is Shenli coming to the game. Shenli hasn’t been officially announced by Mihoyo, so there is no news about her arrival just yet. Normally the characters are shown by the game in some way or another, like artwork, teasers, trailers, and more. Shenli was data-mined along with 2 more characters, Hu Tao and Rosario, and both of them since then have made it to the game.

Till now the only available information about Shenli is her unfinished model, which has been uploaded on various social media platforms. Players also assumed that this character would have Cryo vision and will wield a Claymore, but a recently released character called Eula came with these attributes that were associated with Shenhe. Players might find some gameplay videos of this character on Youtube, but these are fan-made, the official model isn’t available for use yet. Shenli’s arrival in Genshin Impact has no official date, players will just have to wait until Mihoyo decides to make Shenli available to the people.


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