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How To Catch Shiny Durant In Pokémon Go? Check Evolution Guide & Where To Find Tips Here

While Durant is a region-locked Pokemon, catching a Shiny Durant is quite tough. Get more information on how to catch shiny Durant in Pokemon Go inside.

How to catch shiny Durant in Pokémon go? Check Evolution Guide, Where to find tips here


Catching rear Pokemon in Pokemon Go is quite difficult. While the rare and legendary Pokemons also make an appearance in events of large scale, trainers also wish to catch the rare version of Pokemons like Durant. Keep reading to find out more about how to catch shiny Durant in Pokemon Go and where to find Shiny Durant in Pokemon Go. The region-locked Pokemon is not easy to spot. 

How to catch shiny Durant in Pokemon Go?

Cathing a shiny durant in Pokemon Go might be slightly difficult as the Pokemon is very rare to find. Durant is a region-locked Pokemon and might not be found anywhere except in Africa, North America and South America. For trainers based in other parts of the world who want to catch a Shiny Durant, they might be able to do so in Pokemon Go events such as Ultra Unlock 2021 Part 2, where region-locked Pokemons are available across the world. However, a trainer can also trade with another trainer who has a Shiny Durant.

Where to find shiny Durant in Pokemon Go?

While Durant is a region-locked Pokemon, it might appear in the following places: anywhere in Africa, anywhere in the Middle East, east of Meridian Line in North America, and east of Meridian Line in South America. According to the Ultra Lock Announcement done with the raid schedule in August, the Pokemon Go Live website says that Durant will be found more frequently in the wild from August 6, 2021, to August 17, 2021. It also increases the chances of trainers encounter Shiny Durant. 

To increase the chances of finding Shiny Durant, a player can either apply incense to attract the Pokemon or go to a Pokestop location where Durant had spawned previously and give it a lure. As a trainer increases his or her chances of seeing a Durant, the chances of seeing a Shiny Durant also rise, especially during global events when region-locked Pokemons are available throughout the world. As far as the Shiny Durant evolution guide is concerned, there are no other evolutionary forms of the Shiny Durant in Pokemon Go. 

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