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How To Create Tarantula Island In Animal Crossing And Capture These Critters?

Animal Crossing allows you to capture Tarantulas and sell them for 8,000 bells. Learn how to create Tarantula island in Animal Crossing and catch these critters

How to create tarantula island

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the most popular life simulation video games right now, with users clamouring to create the best of all islands. The game offers a wide array of creatures and plants to grab, which allows players to fill their pockets with bells and buy amazing furniture. But there is another way to earn a staggering amount of bells by simply farming the creepiest inhabitants known as the tarantula. Luckily, there is a way to farm them.

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Creating a tarantula farm will get you 8,000 bells for every bug caught. However, this isn’t easy and you will have to travel to a number of different islands, carry a whole lot of tools, and spend a good amount of time destroying an island.

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How to create a Tarantula island?

Firstly, you will need to make sure that you have all the essential tools for the job and as much spare inventory that you can buy. Now, dig up all the trees on your island, pluck the flowers, and get rid of the bugs and stumps. You can leave the holes or perhaps dig up a few extra as a tarantula trap. Eat your fruits in Animal Crossing, as it will help you clear the island much quicker. Once the island is completely set up, you can move on to catch some spiders. However, you will first need to make sure that you have dumped all the excess resources that have been gathered by destroying the island as you will need a lot of free inventory space to keep the tarantulas.

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How to catch Tarantulas?

Once your island is ready and all cleared up, you will need to create a fortified base in order to keep yourself safe from these deadly creatures. To create a base, you will need to dig up several holes around you where you can easily hop over when you run into a tarantula from an angle. This will serve as your safe spot.

How to catch tarantula

Image credits: Nintendo via IGN

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to get tarantulas to appear. This is mainly because not a lot of bugs will appear on your island at a given time, so you will have to chase away any kind of bug or creature that you’re not looking for.

Doing this will free up space and increase the chances of rare bugs to appear on your island. Once you spot a tarantula or if they see you, they will come chasing you if you run away from them, so let them chase you and run towards your safe spot. Once you’re here, you will have to turn and swipe to extend your net across the gap and pluck these creatures with ease. You can continue to capture them until you are out of inventory space.

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Image credits: Nintendo | IGN

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