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How To Disable Quick Chat In Among Us? New Bug Fixes After Quick Chat 3.5 Update

Among Us is one of the most popular online games right now. The developers recently released the quick chat update. Know how to disable quick chat in Among Us.

how to disable quick chat in among us

Popular online game Among Us has added a new Quick Chat option, available for all players. This option had been made especially for the younger players. It's like a ping system of chat where you can choose from a preset of options to send your message. Any player who is below the age of 12 will only able to the quick chat once they enter their age into the game. Read on to know more about how to disable quick chat in Among Us. 

How To Disable Quick Chat In Among Us

Turning off quick chat is pretty easy in the game. All you have to do is follow the below-given steps to disable quick chat in Among Us. However, as of now, the quick chat can only be disabled on the PC versions of the game. Here are the steps to disable the quick chat in Among Us: 

  • Turn on your computer and start Steam
  • Run Among Us Game and find the settings button(It looks like a gear). 
  • Under the Data tab select chat type 
  • There you can select free chat or quick chat or even keep both of them active at the same time.

The Among Us Quick Chat Update

The Among Us quick chat update has been added in a bid to protect children under the age of 13 to access the free chat where other older players may be using some obscenities or mature words that inappropriate to be viewed by the younger players. Once players have entered their ages and if they under 13 they will not be able to join all chat. Players under the age of 13 will only be able to communicate using the quick chat option. Players above the age of 13 can make use of quick chat and free chat at the same time. The quick chat wheel has a lot of options that will help the younger players communicate with others. You can share information about your suspicions, location etc. Players can also spam the hilarious 'Yeet' button. Here the full list of chat commands on the quick chat:

  • Accusation
  • System 
  • Crew 
  • Location
  • Statement 
  • Question 
  • Response
  • 'Yeet'

There were a lot of problems when the quick chat update was initially launched. Even people above the age of 13 couldn't access the free chat and there were a lot of glitches. Among Us developers immediately tweeted about the issue saying they are working on the fix and the developers released a patch soon after fixing all the glitches that had come up due to the update. Stay tuned for more news on Among Us and gaming. 


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