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How To Earn Relentless Medal In COD Mobile? One Of The Most Difficult Medals In COD Mobile

How to earn Relentless Medal in COD Mobile is a question asked by a number of players. Learn how to earn one of the most difficult medals in COD Mobile here.

how to earn relentless medal in cod mobile


COD Mobile Season 4 has shown up and the topic of this season has been set as Spurned and Burned. With the appearance of the new season, the players need to work hard again to climb levels in an all-new Battle Pass. There are new occasional events, challenges, journeys, skins thus substantially more that players can inundate themselves in. Numerous players are experiencing difficulty acquiring certain Medals in COD Mobile. Various players have requested to learn how to earn Relentless Medal in COD Mobile.

How to earn Relentless Medal in COD Mobile?

In COD Mobile there 86 Medals that a player can earn. Out of these 86 medals, there are 43 that can be earned through the multiplayer mode and 27 that can be earned through the Battle Royale mode. Some of these Medals can be earned without even the player realizing it, and some of them are so difficult that the players will need to keep on trying until they get it right. The COD Mobile Relentless Medal is one of the difficult ones of the lot. As COD Mobile is such a competitive game, and also an active member of E-sports, the skill level of players is at a very high level. To earn the Relentless Medal in the game, the players need to get 20 consecutive kills without dying, this is indeed a very difficult task to complete and the players will really have to be ‘Relentless’ to earn this medal in COD Mobile.

How to get Bullseye Medal in COD Mobile?

As season 4 has arrived, so have the new seasonal challenges. One of the Seasonal Challenges is Called Gold or Nothing, and these challenges have some pre-tasks that players can complete. One of the pre-tasks needs the players to acquire the Cod Mobile Bullseye Medal 8 Times in Multiplayer matches. It is pretty simple to earn a COD Mobile Bullseye medal in the game. To acquire the medal, the player needs to first equip the Hunter Killer Drone Killstreak and then use it to kill an enemy. They can do this 8 times across multiple matches to complete the pre-task and move ahead with the rest of the challenges.

How to earn Melee Master Medal in COD Mobile?

There’s a new event in COD Mobile called Razor Sharp. Players can complete the tasks of this event to earn special rewards. One of the Razor Sharp event tasks requires the players to earn the Melee Master Medal in COD Mobile. This medal can be earned in the Battle Royale game mode of the game. To earn the COD Mobile Melee Master medal, the player needs to get 4 kills with a melee weapon in one match. On completing this task and earning the COD Mobile Melee Master Medal, the players will receive a unique Punk Skull Spray.


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