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How To Evolve Bulbasaur In Pokemon Go? Know More About The Grass Type Pokemon

How to evolve Bulbasaur in Pokemon Go is a popular qustions asked by the gamers recently. So we have decided to answer these questions right here. Read more

how to evolve bulbasaur in pokemon go


Pokemon Go players have recently been asking a number of questions related to the game. They are currently trying to find ways for Pokemon Go Bulbasaur evolution. There are a number of ways one can evolve their Pokemons in the game. But here is the best and the easiest way to get Pokemon Go Bulbasaur evolution. Read more

How to evolve Bulbasaur in Pokemon Go?

The players can easily catch this popular Grass-type Pokemon in the game by roaming around parks and open areas. All they need is a total of 25 Bulbasaur candies that can be received after catching these popular Pokemon in the game. Pokemon Go Bulbasor evolution is Ivysaur and it is certainly a great one to use in the game. The players can even evolve their Ivysaurs into Venusaur by giving it a total of 100 Bulbasaur candies. Collecting these candies is the most important thing one can do to evolve their Pokemon. Apart from this, here are also a number of other stats of Pokemon Go Bulbasaur that can help you know more about this. Here is also a video of players catching this Grass type Pokemon in the game. 

Bulbasaur Base Stats 

  • Max CP: 1260
  • Attack: 118
  • Defense: 111
  • Stamina: 128
  • Generation: Generation 1
  • Category: Non-Legendary
  • Base Flee Rate: 10%
  • Buddy Distance: 3 km
  • Pokédex Height: 0.7 m
  • Pokédex Weight: 6.9 kg
  • Can be put in a gym: Yes
  • Can be transfered: Yes
  • Stardust cost for Second Charge move: 10000
  • Candy cost for Second Charge move: 25

Bulbasaur Weakness

  • 160.0% Damage - Fire type
  • 160.0% Damage - Flying type
  • 160.0% Damage - Ice type
  • 160.0% Damage - Psychic type

Bulbasaur Resistance

  • 39.1% Damage - Grass type
  • 62.5% Damage - Electric type
  • 62.5% Damage - Fairy type
  • 62.5% Damage - Fighting type
  • 62.5% Damage - Water type

Bulbasaur Best Moveset

  • Vine Whip + Power Whip
  • Vine Whip + Sludge Bomb
  • Vine Whip + Seed Bomb
  • Tackle + Sludge Bomb
  • Tackle + Power Whip
  • Tackle + Seed Bomb

Bulbasor is a popular Grass and Poison Type Pokemon that is usually found in the Kanto region of the game. The players can use this Pokemon to fight Pokemons like the water, electric and  fairy type Pokemons in the game because of their resistance created against these attacks. They are also extremely vulnerable to Fire, Flying, Ice and Psychic type attacks thus it is important to know when to use these. The Pokemon’s powers are also improved with the help of Sunny and Cloudy weather. 


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