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How To Evolve Tyranitar In Pokemon Go? Here Is A Brief Guide On This Rock/dark Pokemon

Tyranitar is a rock and Dark-type Pokemon that has been the raid boss in Tier 4 raids in the game. So how to evolve Tyranitar in Pokemon Go?

how to evolve tyranitar in pokemon go

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Tyranitar is a Rock & Dark Pokémon that evolves from Pupitar. It is vulnerable to Fighting, Fairy, Ground, Bug, Steel, Water and Grass moves. Tyranitar's strongest moveset is SmackDown & Return and it has a Max CP of 3,834. The Pokedex tells that Tyranitar is so strong that it can pull down an entire mountain to build its nest. This Pokémon roams the mountains in search of new foes to fight. So how to evolve Tyranitar in Pokemon Go? Continue reading the article to find out.

Pokemon Go Tyranitar Evolution

Tyranitar or any of its pre-evolved variants are exceedingly rare to come across in the wild. Even Larvitars are incredibly difficult to come across in the wild. According to many players' observations, you can find them in parks when the weather improves. Collecting larvitars and then having enough candy to develop them into Tyranitar is your best bet.

10km eggs will hatch into larvitars. This is not something that can be monitored, but it is one way to go about it. Tyranitar is a level 4 raid boss, and raids are the most popular way to capture him. If you can gather enough people and beat the raid leader, you might be able to get a decent IV Tyranitar. When you come across a larvitar, use pinap berry and an Ultra Ball.

Tyranitar Base Statistics

  • It has a base Attack of 251
  • It has a base defence of 207
  • It has base stamina of 225
  • The Category of this Pokemon is Non-Legendary
  • It is a Generation 4 Pokemon
  • Max CP at Level 15 is 1643
  • Max CP at Level 20 (hatched) is 2191
  • Max CP at Level 30 (in the wild) is 3287
  • Max CP at Level 40 is 3834
  • Max CP with weather boost at Level 25 is 2739
  • Max CP with weather boost at Level 35 is 3561
  • Max HP at Level 40 is 189
  • It reaches a height of 2.01m
  • It reaches a weight of 202kg
  • The base capture rate is 5%
  • The base flee rate is 4%
  • Required Buddy walk distance is 5 km
  • Stardust cost for Second Charge move is 50000
  • Candy cost for Second Charge move is 50

IMAGE: Nintendo

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