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How To Get Absol In Pokemon Go? All Three Ways To Catch Absol Revealed

Absol is one of the most powerful and rare Pokemon that players can catch in Pokemon Go. Read on for a guide on how to catch Absol in Pokemon Go.

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Pokemon Go is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. This game has a very unique concept in its gameplay as it requires players to get out of their houses and walk around in their cities to catch Pokemon. Players have to visit different exotic locations like hills, forests, factors etc to catch a specific type of powerful Pokemon that are only found at specific places.

The game has been appreciated for its ability to get people active, unlike other games where people can just inside their houses to play. One of the most wanted, yet uncommon Pokemon in this game is Absol, the fighting type normal Pokemon. Read on to know more about Pokemon Go Absol and how to get Absol. 

How to get Absol in Pokemon Go 

Absol is a rare and powerful Dark-type Pokemon. However, it is one of the rarest Pokemon in the game and can only be found through a couple of different methods which are based on change. Players will get Absol based on their luck because the two ways you can get Absol in the game is either through 4 star Raid bosses and by getting Eggs from walking 5, 7 or 10 km. There is so sure method to get this Pokemon right now.

However, players should note that the Pokemon Go website mentions that Absol can often be found in mountain regions, so people who live near or on mountain regions have a good chance of running into Absol. In case players come across it, they should try giving him fruit and catching him with the Blue Pokeballs as the opportunity to catch Absol might not come again for a long time. Additionally, players should be on the lookout for eggs they get from long walks or Raid Boss battles where Absol might pop up. 

Pokemon Go Update 

The Pokemon Go developers keep the game alive and exciting for existing players and new players by adding constant updates and new content into the game. In their most recent update, the Pokemon Go team has added the major event of Luminous Legends Y which contains a lot of mini-events within itself. In these events, players have a chance to catch rare and legendary Pokemon upon completing special missions. These are limited-time events so players make sure to catch these Pokemon during these events. You can check out the latest Pokemon Go update on their official blog here. Stay tuned for more news on Pokemon Go and gaming. 



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