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How To Get Behind Waterfall In Pokemon Snap? Step-By-Step Guide To Complete Jungle Course

How to get behind waterfall in Pokemon Snap is a popular question asked by the gamers recently. So we have listed all the information about the same. Read more

how to get behind waterfall in pokemon snap


New Pokemon Snap has been released and the makers have certainly managed to get gamers' attention with the interesting challenges released. Thus the players have been asking some specific questions like how to get behind waterfall in Pokemon Snap. So to help them, here are some steps that they can follow to get to the Pokemon Snap Jungle Waterfall. Read more to know about Pokemon Snap Waterfall Path. 

How to get behind Waterfall in Pokemon Snap?

  • To get behind the waterfall first, the players will need to play the Founja Jungle course at night. This can be done only after reaching level 2. So make sure to increase your game level in the game. 
  • Then by the end of the course, the players can spot a  Liepard sleeping on the rock as they move up in the tree and round the corner towards the waterfall. 
  • The players will then need to wake up the Liepard that is sleeping on the rock. This needs to be done by playing music in that area. 
  • The plates can play music in New Pokemon Snap by pressing “R”  in the game. This needs to be done perfectly until Liepard starts to move.
  • Liepard will then suggest an alternate route. Take this route.
  • If the players are not able to spot this alternate route, then press “X” to scan the area. This will certainly show the exact location of this alternate route. 
  • It is certainly important to find this alternate route. If the players have still not found it, they will need to restart the course from the point of spotting Liepard. 

More about New Pokemon Snap

A number of players have also been facing issues related to the game. Seeing such kind of bugs in a new game is certainly common and the makers have already managed to fix some of these issues with a recent update released. Currently, if you have bought a physical copy of the new  Pokemon Snap, then you will need to update the game. It is somewhere around 125 MB in size and can be downloaded from the console’s app store. If you have bought a digital copy of the game, then the update will be updated directly in the game. Apart from this, there have been no official announcements made by the makers of this game. 


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