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Is Biomutant Multiplayer? Know All About Biomutant's Gameplay

Experiment 101 have released their first open-world game, Biomutant. The game is available across several platforms, but is Biomutant multiplayer? Find out.

is biomutant multiplayer


After 4 long years of waiting, gamers are finally delighted about the launch of Biomutant. It was announced by Experiment 101 back in August 2017, and since then it was under development. However, with the launch, there is a prominent question among fans - Is Biomutant Multiplayer? Keep reading this article to get more information on what is Biomutant, is Biomutant Multiplayer and Biomutant gameplay. 

Is Biomutant Multiplayer? 

The answer to that questions would be no. At the time of launch, Biomutant gameplay does not support an online multiplayer paradigm. However, there have been numerous games that did not have multiplayer support initially but received it later through updates. As Biomutant is an adventure-driven game that is set up in an open world, it is highly likely that Experiment 101 would launch a multiplayer version of the game in the coming time. 

What is Biomutant? 

Biomutant is the first open-world RPG by Experiment 101. It is available to purchase from Steam, and the Windows version is priced at ₹1,889 in India. In the game, a player controls a mutated animal, with highly exciting combat abilities. A player has to collect parts throughout the game to form weapons. Using biomechanical limbs and other body parts, a character can upgrade its abilities and looks, which help to survive. The game also features a weather system, along with a clock cycle, which causes day and night, affecting the environment and enemies. 

Biomutant Review

Biomutant has been released across various platforms, including PC, PS4 and Xbox One. While it has been developed by Experiments 101, it is published by THQ Nordic. The Biomutant gameplay is mission-based and players would have the ability to re-code their genetic structure while exploring the world. Other than that, there are multiple bio-threats in the game, such as radioactivity. The in-game combat style draws inspiration from martial arts and promises maximum agility and movement.

A player can explore the world on foot, using jet-ski, an air-balloon or mech. There are telekinesis and levitation powers as well, which a character gains as progress is made in the game. While attacking enemies, one can either use melee attacks, shooting from rifles, shotguns and revolvers or special powers. 


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