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Kaceytron Drama With Dream: Why Is Kaceytron Trending On Twitter? Know All Details

Kaceytron and Dream are both gaming content creators on Twitch who recently became the face of controversy. What did Kaceytron do? Why are they trending?

Source: Kaceytron IG/MrBeast YT

Both Kaceytron and Dream are no strangers to controversies, with the latter being known for having the most toxic fandom on Twitch. But this is the first time the two have painted a controversy together while pitting against each other. Their fans have flooded Twitter ever since, arguing over who is actually at fault. But Kaceytron is facing the most amount of hate at the moment, here's why.

What did Kaceytron do? Kaceytron drama with Dream

The drama started on March 19 when Kaceytron passed a comment on her Twitter about how fans don't hold their favourite content creators accountable when they go wrong. Her tweet was assumed to be in reference to the Minecraft streamer Dream and thus began the hate comments. Within a matter of a day, her old problematic video started resurfacing on Twitter, in which she had allegedly used the N-word. Dream fans further pointed out that she shouldn't be the one passing innuendos when her image itself isn't Scott-free.

To address this situation, Kacey took to Twitter to clarify that she never mentioned the word but the noise in the background made it sound like that. She further elaborated that she was actually singing along to a song that didn't include the word in the lyrics. Her clarification wasn't taken lightly, though, as Twitter users began trending her video yet again, this time even making several slowed-down versions to prove their point.

On March 22, Dream also joined the conversation, "Some people take certain things that aren’t hate, as hate. I denounce all hate for anybody, anybody at all, I denounce any and all hate. But I think that some people take certain things that aren’t hate, like hate, it depends on the personality. I’ve seen people say horrible things, I’ve seen people say threats. It happens with every community since the beginning of time, but it’s horrible to see." Both never directly addressed each other but continued to take subtle digs at each other's stans. Now that a few days have passed, things are slowly diluting. As of today, both Kaceytron and Dream have not elaborated on the issue and kept their peace.

Image Source: Kaceytron IG/MrBeast YT

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