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Ludwig Ahgren Makes Twitch History By Getting The Most Subscribers On His Sub Marathon

Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren has made history by getting the most Twitch subscribers in a short time by doing a week-long stream that's still ongoing.

Source: Ludwig Twitch

Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren has made Twitch history by having the longest Twitch stream and it's still ongoing. The streamer Ludwig has been streaming live since March 14 and hasn't stopped streaming since then. At the time of writing this article, the stream has more than 49 hours to go for the stream to end. Read on to know more about Ludwig's subathon. 

How Long has Ludwig Been Streaming?

This is the ninth continuous day of the streamer's long stream and Ludwig sub count just keeps on rising and rising. The subathon began on March 14 and was started as a charity marathon stream. The streamer started with a 20-second timer and made it a rule that as every new person subscribes, the stream would become 15 seconds longer. He has received more than 30,0000 subscriptions on his subathon alone making the Ludwig sub count the highest in the game. 

The streamer has spent the past majority of the week on his stream playing games, watching movies, talking to his chat, sleeping and working out. Nobody had really expected the stream to go on as long as it already has. This subathon has made Ludwig the most popular Twitch streamer overnight. Ludwig has also said on his stream that he is grateful for the overwhelming response and that he would be donating half of all his subscription money that he received during the stream to charities. 

Ludwig and his team have to make sure the stream remains a safe space and are constantly monitoring the chat to remove toxic members and keep a healthy environment for the stream, so they don't get accidentally banned. During the day Ludwig monitors the stream, whereas at night, the moderators take over. At the time of writing this article, the streamer has more than 92,000 total subscribers, more than any other content creator on Twitch and it doesn't seem like it's going to stop there.

With 1.9 million followers and the publicity his stream has generated, his subscriber count keeps on rising. So it's yet to be seen how long the stream will really go. However, Ludwig's determination to go through with the stream and his promise to donate half of the money he receives have put him in a positive light in the gaming and streaming community. 

Image Source: Ludwig Twitch

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