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New Pokemon Snap Crystabloom: Where To Find The Glowing Crystabloom?

In the New Pokemon Snap, you will be asked by Professor Mirror to discover a glowing Crystabloom in one of the requests. Read on to know the location of it.

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In the New Pokemon Snap when you go for both the Lental Seafloor and Ruins courses, you will be asked by Professor Mirror to discover a glowing Crystabloom, but you will find out that there is none in that place. Instead, in both of these courses, you'll have to track out a Pokémon that's experiencing the Illumina phenomenon in order to advance the plot. Continue reading the article to know about the Glowing Crystabloom location as of the latest New Pokemon Snap update.

New Pokemon Snap Glowing Crystabloom

The Illumina Orbs for the Marciopia Islands are unlocked by snapping a picture of a Pokémon experiencing the Illumina phenomenon rather than a Crystabloom, unlike prior courses in New Pokémon Snap. In this one, you must locate the Pokemon Frillish, which is extremely difficult to locate. 

The Frillish who is experiencing the Illumina phenomena in New Pokemon Snap can be discovered on both Research Level 1 and Research Level 2 on the Lental Seafloor's Undersea course. Continue to the top of the first underwater tunnel in the Undersea course. A Wailmer is tormenting another Pokemon in this scene.

As you descend into this tunnel, keep your eyes peeled for an opening to a small ledge on the right-hand side of the wall. The Frillish you're seeking for is hiding just out of sight on this ledge, but because the Neo-One won't be able to see it, you'll have to use Fluffruit to find it. Start throwing Fluffruit right away, and you'll know when you've found the perfect Frillish because its body will glow pink. All you have to do now is shoot photos of this Frillish and return to the Research Camp, where Professor Mirror will use it to manufacture the Pink Illumina Orbs.

List of New Pokemon Snap all alternate routes -

  • Florio -
    • Florio Nature Park (Day)
    • Florio Nature Park (Night)
    • Florio Nature Park Illumina Spot
    • Research Camp
  • Belusylva -
    • Founja Jungle (Day)
    • Founja Jungle (Night)
    • Elsewhere Forest
    • Elsewhere Forest Illumina Spot
  • Maricopia -
    • Blushing Beach (Day)
    • Blushing Beach (Night)
    • Maricopia Reef (Day)
    • Maricopia Reef (Evening)
    • Lental Seafloor
  • Voluca -
    • Sweltering Sands (Day)
    • Sweltering Sands (Night)
    • Fireflow Volcano
    • Fireflow Volcano Illumina Spot
  • Durice -
    • Shiver Snowfields (Day) and (Night)
    • Outaway Cave
    • Outaway Cave Illumina Spot
  • Aurus -
    • Ruins of Remembrance
    • Remembrance Illumina Spot

IMAGE: Nintendo

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