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Outriders Bosses List: Checkout This List Of Hard To Defeat Bosses In Outriders

Outriders Bosses are the most difficult enemies to defeat, with a wide red health bar that appears when battling them. Read on for a list of all these bosses.

Image Source: Square Enix

Image Source: Square Enix

Outriders is a third-person cooperative role-playing game developed by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix Europe. The game features a wide variety of elements including killing enemies with a variety of weapons, including shotguns and assault rifles, and firearms that can be modified with weapon modifications. Continue reading the article to know the list of all bosses in Outriders enemies.

Outriders Bosses List

Outriders feature a diverse collection of enemies for players to contend with. These foes vary from common mobs to more sophisticated foes such as Elites and bosses. Bosses are the most difficult enemies to defeat, with a wide red health bar that appears when battling them. These adversaries often appear at the conclusion of main story missions.

  • Gauss - Gauss is the first big boss you'll face in Outriders. Gauss can be found in Rift Town's Solar Tower Platform area. This place is visited during the storey mission Reunion. When you defeat Gauss, you gain access to a loot chest in the building next to the boss arena.
  • Molten Acari - A giant volcanic spider called is the next big boss you'll face in Outriders. In the Eagle Peaks field, this spider can be found at the summit of the volcano.
  • Moloch - In Trench Town, at the end of the No Man's Land series, you will meet another Altered called Moloch.
  • Chrysaloid - As part of the Mayhem quest, you will encounter the game's third major boss once you enter the Forest Enclave area. The Chrysaloid is this boss's name. It's a massive creature that lives underground in a cave system.
  • Bailey - The cracks in your party begin to appear in the Ancient Ruins map. After a scuffle with August, Bailey, who is a bit antagonistic, further alienates herself by being Altered. After you put the antenna, you'll have to battle her.
  • Yagak 1 - You'll travel to Utargak once your crew has been captured. Yagek, the big baddie, will be waiting for you here. You will face Yagak for the first time at this stage.
  • Yagak 2 - The final main story boss battle pits you against Yagak once more. You'll have to beat him once and for all this time. This fight takes place in The Caravel, the game's final position. You'll battle Yagak one last time inside this ship.

Image Source: Square Enix

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