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'Overwatch' Summer Games To Begin On July 20: Here's More About The Event

'Overwatch' Summer Games Event 2021 has been confirmed by the makers and the payers are curious about it.



Overwatch has become  Blizzard Entertainment’s one of the most successful games released to date. This is mostly because of the number of new updates and events that get released for the players. Recently, Blizzard is working on bringing back their 'Overwatch Summer Games 2021' event and also a lot of new content with the same. Thus the players have been trying to search for more information about this Overwatch new season event. To help them out, here is all the information on the internet about the Summer Event 2021.

'Overwatch' Summer Games Event announced

A lot of new information has been confirmed to be released with the new Overwatch Summer Games event in 2021. Tuesday, July 20, has been set as the release date for this event and the makers have already teased the release of new skins like Mei, Ashe, and Symmetra. Information about these upcoming skins was confirmed by an announcement trailer that was uploaded on the game’s social media handle. This event is also supposed to bring back the seasonal content including the Lúcioball game mode and event-exclusive cosmetic items from previous years. The new skins can be obtained by opening the seasonal loot boxes. There is also an option to buy these skins directly using the in-game credits. A recent Tweet from popular Overwatch data miner confirmed that Symmetra, Ashe, Mei, Winston, Sigma are all going to be getting new legendary skins in the game. 

The price of the Legendary Skins is set at 3,000 Credits and the  Epic skins can be bought for 750 Credits. Keep in mind that the older skins will cost less credits when compared to the price of new skins. Usually, this event takes off during August but, the makers have decided to release it in July just like they did in 2019. New challenges or bonus events might be announced soon and it could be available for a time period of 20 days from its release. Apart from this, no official information has been released by the makers. Keep an eye out for any updates for this even on the game’s official social media handles. 

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