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Pokemon Go Bunnelby: Bunnelby's Best Moveset, Stats, Weaknesses And Other Details

Pokemon Go has a plethora of Pokemon and players are always trying to learn more about how many ever they can. Learn more about Pokemon Go Bunnelby here.

Source: PokemonGoApp Twitter

Source: PokemonGoApp Twitter

Pokemon Go has an exceptionally creative and present-day approach towards gaming as they utilize trendy innovations like Augmented Reality and GPS to run the game. There are numerous kinds of Pokemon that players can get in the game. Many players want to learn more about Pokemon Go Bunnelby.

Pokemon Go Bunnelby

Bunnelby has been added fairly recently to Pokemon Go. This Pokemon is a part of the 6th Generation of Pokemon and is commonly found in the Kalos region. These Pokemon are shaped liked a bunny but do not go on their cute appearance as they have large ears which they use to dig holes to secretly attack and evade from the enemies. Bunnelby is also one of the featured Pokemon for the Pokemon Go Easter Event.

Bunnelby evolution in Pokemon Go does exist and it evolves into Diggersby. It costs the players 50 candy to perform the Bunnelby evolution in the game. Bunnelby’s appearance may be soft and cuddly, but this Pokemon is as much a fighter as any other Pokemon in the game. Its agility helps players dodge their enemy’s attacks and end the battle with a swift blow. Before adding this Pokemon to their battling arsenal, the players should learn Bunnelby's best moveset, stats and weaknesses, check these out below:

  • Pokémon GO Bunnelby is a Normal-type Pokemon with a max CP of 625, 68 attack, 72 defense and 116 stamina in Pokemon GO. It was originally found in the Kalos region (Gen 6). Bunnelby is vulnerable to Fighting-type moves. Bunnelby is boosted by Partly Cloudy weather. Bunnelby best moveset is Quick Attack and Earthquake (4.64 DPS).

Fans of Pokemon and Pokemon Go are spread all around the globe, these players are competing with each other to become the ultimate Pokemon Master. This a dream of every Pokemon fan and Niantic has helped make this dream a reality through Pokemon Go. There is a gigantic collection of Pokemon in Pokemon Go from varying generations and regions. This Pokemon Go Guide will help the players learn more about Bunnelby. Pokemon Go is free to download and players can get it on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for their smartphones.

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