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Pokemon Go Hatchable Eggs Feature: What Is This New Hatchable Feature In Pokemon Go?

In the latest upcoming Pokemon Go hatchable eggs feature, by clicking on an Egg, trainers will see what could happen if it is incubated. Read on.

Image Source: Nintendo

Image Source: Nintendo

Niantic is currently testing a new feature in Pokemon Go that will allow you to see which Pokemon could hatch from your eggs. The company mentioned that the Trainers included in the test will be able to tap an Egg to see a list of possible Pokémon and their rarity level. This new feature, which is currently only available to a select few players, does not, however, indicate whether the Pokemon in question will be shiny or not. Continue reading the article to know all about the Pokemon Go Hatchable feature.

Pokemon Go Hatchable Eggs

By clicking on an Egg, trainers will see what could happen if it is incubated. They'll be given a tier structure to work with, but no official key to understanding it has been published yet. While there are no probabilities or percentages in the tier list, the introduction confirms that certain base Pokémon are rarer than others.

Pokemon Go Update - Rivals Week

  • Date + Time
    • Tuesday, April 13, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. to Sunday, April 18, 2021, at 8:00 p.m. local time
  • Features
    • Skrelp and Clauncher will be making their Pokémon GO debuts
    • They’ll be appearing in the wild, in raids, and in encounters after you complete Field Research tasks.
    • Therian Forme Landorus is also making its Pokémon GO debut
    • Players will now be able to encounter the Abundance Pokémon in five-star raids.
    • Enjoy the Rivals’ Week challenge in the Global Challenge Arena
    • For the entire duration of the event, all the trainers around the world can work together to win Raid Battles and unlock a 2× Catch Stardust bonus
    • Pokémon known for their rivalries will be appearing more often in the wild, such as Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Makuhita, Meditite, Zangoose, Seviper, and more
    • Throughout the event, the following Pokémon will hatch from 5 km Eggs: Machop, Tyrogue, Elekid, Magby, Makuhita, Meditite, Zangoose, and Seviper.
    • Rivalries will also begin in raids! Raids will include Pokémon such as Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Zangoose, Seviper, and others.
    • Enjoy event-only Field Research challenges that will lead to fights with rival Pokémon like Skrelp and Clauncher.
    • Team GO Rocket will be taking over PokéStops more often. Their balloons will also be appearing more frequently

Image Source: Nintendo

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