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PS5 Restock Date & Time: When Will PS5 Restock In Target, Amazon UK & Flipkart India

Target is going to have a massive restock with 10-20 disc versions of PS5 coming to each store on July 29, 2021. Amazon and Flipkart got a PS5 restock recently.

PS5 Restock Date & Time: When will PS5 restock in Target, Amazon UK & Flipkart India


Due to the ongoing chip shortage, fans and enthusiasts around the world are facing problems in purchasing Sony's latest gaming console, the PlayStation 5. While it remains out of stock continuously, limited restocks do not meet the outweighing demand. In such a scenario, when will PS5 restock in Target remains a very popular question among readers. Keep reading to find out more details about target PS5 restock and other portals to keep an eye on. 

When will PS5 restock in Target?

According to reports, Target is going to have a massive restock with over 10-20 disc versions of PS5 coming to each store. Jake Randall, a YouTuber popular for tracking PS5 and Xbox restocks claimed that Target PS5 restock will happen latest by July 29, 2021. Randall has also scheduled a live stream of YouTube for 03:30 PM IST or 06:00 AM ET, July 29, 2021, to help people buy a PS5 from Target restock. 

When will PS5 restock on Amazon UK?

The latest PS5 restock on Amazon UK was available on July 28, 2021, from 9 AM BST only for Amazon Prime members. Another restock was launched at 10:00 AM BST at Both the restocks were sold out within minutes. While details about any upcoming restocks on Amazon UK are unknown, ShopTo and ASDA are rumoured to take PS5 orders in the coming days. Stay tuned for any updates on the same.  

When will PS5 restock on Flipkart India?

While the PlayStation 4 is available on Flipkart (as of 10:52 AM IST, July 29, 2021) for Rs. 36,999 (1TB), there is no sign of PS5 yet. The recent India PS5 restock took place on July 26, 2021, and portals like Amazon, Flipkart and Croma have limited consoles for customers to buy. Following a trend, another PS5 India restock might occur in the next 15-20 days. Stay tuned for the latest updates regarding when will PS5 restock on Flipkart India. 

Price of PS5 India at different platforms

  • Flipkart - Rs. 49,990 (Disc) / Rs. 39,990 (Digital)
  • ShopAtSC - Rs. 49,990 (Disc) / Rs. 39,990 (Digital)
  • Games The Shop - Rs. 49,990 (Disc) / Rs. 39,990 (Digital)
  • Amazon India - Rs. 49,990
  • Vijay Sales - Rs. 49,990 (Disc) / Rs. 39,990 (Digital)
  • PrepaidGamerCard - Rs. 49,990 / Rs. 39,990 (Digital)
  • Croma - Rs. 49,990 (Disc) / Rs. 39,990 (Digital)
  • GameLoot - Rs. 49,990 (Disc) / Rs. 39,990 (Digital)
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